What a year it was.

December 31, 2010

Almost the end. The end of 2010. I think I could venture to say that this has been the most intense, action packed, life changing year in my life so far. Things went on an accelerating pace, leaving no room for hesitation or questioning.

A year ago, on December 31st I had taken a flight for Nashville to go record some demos both for my solo project and for my band Leoffenders. That trip proved to me that the new songs I had been working on were worthy of being recorded. These were the first steps towards a new album for me, #5.

Then with February came the Olympic Games in Vancouver where I sang the anthem in front of 30 thousand people for the torch relay in Richmond and played a number of shows with Leoffenders on Olympic stages and venues. The energy was incredible.

March brought another trip to Nashville where I was to record 15 songs for my next album. I had been working on new material since September 08 and had been just using every spare minute since January to demo the songs and have everything ready for the sessions. On this trip nothing went as planned. The partner in the studio, the one who had signed me for this record deal I was so proud of, vanished after one day of recording taking with him microphones, gear, guitar amp, guitars and more. The musicians scattered immediately, “having been there, done that” they just hoped they were going to get paid for the previous day. That left Perry, the engineer and myself standing there with our jaws opened. But I got mad, rallied and after listening over to the 4 songs we had just recorded, I knew I had to get these songs done. So I picked up my boot straps, swore a bunch and found some money, called the players back and we got the bulk of this album recorded but not quite finished. It was somehow heroic. I was proud of accomplishing that, but now this project was up in the air like a big question mark like “now what?”.

But there was no time to worry, in April, a few days after my return from Nashville I got on another plane, this time to Montreal. The plan was to go record 4 songs for Leoffenders. I worked for 12 days and got the 4 songs tracked and ready to mix. I came back home on the 27th and decided it was time to move out of the house I had lived in for 8 years.

May was a blur of back breaking work, emptying, clearing, cleaning the house, selling my stuff on Craigslist as I had now just decided that I was going to not only move out of the house but I was going to take off on my bike. I sold pretty much everything I owned. These changes all came fast, so much so, I left a few people gawking in disbelief as I sped by, as the vision of what I wanted or I should say, what I needed was getting clearer and stronger by the minute.

June first I was out of the house, completely exhausted but newly liberated from all that had been keeping me chained up to that life: rent, bills, jobs, obligations, and the whole train that my life had become after 21 years in BC.

June 6th, I left. Heading south without any plan other than : Go South.

I traveled 16 000 miles on my 1983 Suzuki GS 750 ES. I felt life and strength come back to me. I saw the beauty and the greatness of America and it’s people. I saw deep in my soul, I learned much.

September, was a month of discovery, finding myself back in the world of humans in California as opposed to being a lone electron speeding through the universe. Music returned as a gigantic blessing. I was supported, blessed and guided.

Then I got the email that let me know I could, if I so wanted, go finish the album in Nashville. A week later I was on a flight to Tennessee. I worked 17 days straight to complete exhaustion but got all the guitars, all the harmonies, all the vocals done on the now 11 songs that will make the album. I was burned out but completely elated.

In October I took what was to be the last trip with the Suzuki. We went over to Death Valley and Las Vegas. I had some intensely magical moments with the full moon over the desert at night. Then the bike failed about 100 miles out of Los Angeles.

November I flew to Vancouver to take care of some stuff. It was wild to see the town. It made me see that I have been making the right decisions. It also allowed me to see some of my dearest friends in this world. I am thankful.

December saw the death of my Suzuki. The verdict came down. Broke my heart so deeply, it’s hard to conceive. But there was a rebirth with the arrival of Beowulf, my new bike.

So on the eve of 2011 there are no solid, concrete plans other than music and moto travel. Right now I can say that these days are some of, if not, the very best in my life.

For 2011

I hope I will rise and meet the challenges and lessons that life brings with grace.

I wish to be a positive force in the life of the people near me.

I dream of Montana, New York, Memphis, Austin, Phoenix and more…

I dream of singing as if the wind was my breath and the sun my inspiration.

I hope of getting closer to peace, light and joy and I wish the same to all of you.

Much, much love. Happy, wonderful, joyful, inspired new year.

Welcome 2011.


5 Responses to “What a year it was.”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Dearest Danielle, thank you for sharing this amazing metamorphosis over the 16,000 miles of this process. I wish for you to find your peace and light and joy that are all within you.


  2. christopher percy Says:

    Nobody puts in the words that you do. You are so blessed. All the best to you and continue the great journey. Love ya, C

  3. Madeleine Says:

    Que tous tes rêves deviennent réalités, c’est je que je te souhaite du plus profond de mon coeur.
    JE t’aime,
    Mawie xxx

  4. Lévis Bergeron Says:

    Bonne et heureuses année!

  5. bobskoot Says:


    I admire your courage to let go of the past and forge ahead with determination. I have followed your adventures for months and am glad you now have a new bike and good prospects for a new year.

    Good luck and have a very Happy New Year.

    from Vancouver, BC

    Wet Coast Scootin

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