the last week…

January 23, 2011

I’m so behind with the blog… all kinds of stuff happened in the last few weeks, I wanted to write about all of it, some of it was so perfect, the only way to really express those is to write about them right away…. but he days flew by.

So I’ll go with the images for some of those moments since the elusive emotions have evaporated, at least the images speak of something.

The NAMM show…

an endless line of taxi cabs line up to the Anaheim convention center

here it is

drummy, shiny things

I thought this display was about selling clothes but no, it was about guitars

rock heroes at the Dunlop booth

One of my favorite rock heroes...

a thing of beauty

metal guitars, poetic ruggedness

the armless guitar man

meet and greet at the Brace Audio booth

at this point my camera’s batteries died… so that is it for NAMM photos.

It’s January, it usually means cold, blustery, fireplace kind of weather. On a walk this is some of what I saw in the park. It feels like summer, some plants look spring like others look as if it was the deep of winter, the sun shines like in June but the days are short like winter. All I know is that I have already shelved the idea of getting heated grips for the bike for now.

spring like

fuzzy things

flittering in the breeze

winter like

Another high point is when Sam stopped by on his way north to hand deliver the lap steel guitar… wow. It was a magical moment. Melanie made it even more special by baking fresh blackberry scones and making French press coffee… the sun lit the room in such a way it was kind of dream like. The guitar is amazing… It was so good to see Sam and Jean again.

Sam explaining to Ozzy the fine points of lap steel tunings

Jean in deep conversation with Melanie

Me and my new baby

Last night I played a show at Taylormade Racing. Steve conspired to get this thing off the ground. A friend, Charlotte, left Wisconsin leaving the snow and the frost behind, had her bike shipped to Northern California and has started on a road trip that will take her to Georgia possibly or where she can find work and the snow is sparse.

I was looking forward to meet Charlotte as she seemed to be a girl with a sense of humor and I just felt some sort of affinity that I wanted to explore. It was interesting to see her and feel the road off of her. I know that feeling.

at Taylor made, the three long distance riders

three feet belonging to the long distance rideresses

guitar love


in action with the Go guitar

with Forrest, Yay.

a spare Ducati

play, play, play

Forrest and I had the luxury to do a fairly decent sound check before we played. The venue was actually a workshop where the carbon fiber motorcycle parts are built. There was a large garage door, cement floor, high ceiling and gigantic tool boxes. We even had a Ducati sitting there with us. We did not have a huge crowd but it was a really good, warm one. I ended up playing the Go Guitar all night cranking it up and even using the lead channel on the Mesa Boogie at times. The little guitar that can.

Last week I watched two movies : It might get loud, a documentary with Jack White, Edge and Jimmy Page, then we watched The song remains the same. A Led Zeppelin movie. Those two movies affected me deeply in a very good way. On some level it is as if these movies said to me that it was OK to do your own thing and as I was playing there I just eased into the music and the result was that the night was fantastic for me.

The music, like the bike, you have to glide through, let the power flow, trust, push, enjoy. Just be.

We took a break and Paul Taylor told me he was very happy with what was taking place. As a performer I always hope that the people I play for are happy. This is good.

We play tomorrow night, Sunday at the Rancho Cucamonga Klatch and I am looking forward to it. Very much so.

The big question I get most often these days is : “when are you getting back on the road?” These questions cause me to reflect. My most honest answer is : I don’t know. Winter, I was going to winter here, but here winter is almost over. My biggest concern is money. To make this trip I sold all I had, I pretty much spent all of that and I don’t have anything to sell. I would like to approach this as a self sustaining thing. Play to earn roof, food and gas, ride, repeat. I’m not sure how to get started and I guess the only way to do this is just to start…

Paul asked me last night : when will you go to Britain? Yeah, that would be great, that is something I definitely want to do. Go to Europe and play. How to start? I guess getting there would be one way.

Oh life. It’s all there for the “experiencing” and the only thing that lies between that and staying put is fear. Oh gotta lose my fear… gotta find my spine.

But as I write this I can feel that I will figure it out. In the mean time, life is so good. I am blown away daily with the love and the beauty surrounding me. Moved deeply by the people, the sunsets, the gentleness of the breeze, the fire of the sun and the poetry of the moon. Owl calling in the night. Feeling the power of a motorcycle engine gliding down the glorious Freeways. The sight of the ocean, the lights of downtown LA shining in the distance. We all forge the metal of our lives, side by side, hoping, loving, laughing and crying, all at once, what a wonder.

Sunset on San Dimas


One Response to “the last week…”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Yes, yes, yes… meeting you and Forrest has been the highlight of my trip so far.

    I have lived with love and without it… with love is best.

    I have lived in fear and without it… and without fear, now I know, anything is possible.

    Why did it take me so long to get to this point! I guess like the cragged rock in the stream, I had to be polished by life’s heartaches and dissapointments… to be able to be one with the sun, the wind, the surf and the stars.

    Love Love Love and Respect… can’t wait to start reading your blog! : )

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