January 25, 2011

I got my Milwaukee boots in the summer of 2009. That is also when I had gotten the Suzuki. I have worn these boots non-stop ever since. Sometimes 16-18 hours a day. In September I did not put them on for a whole 24 hours period for the first time since June 6th. They have at least 22 thousand miles of riding alone on them. Then I also walked and walked and walked in them. Down the Vegas Strip, along the Grand Canyon, on the streets of the French Quarter, along the Natchez Trace and more recently for a 6 mile walk with Sam in San Diego.

Today I received their replacement. I had considered getting the old ones re-soled but the leather has stretched so much that they are starting to hurt my feet, so I elected to order another pair of the exact same model since they had served me so well.

I felt a twinge of guilt for letting the old ones go.

“You should bronze them” said Melanie.

Kind of a cool idea… but again in the spirit of not accumulating stuff, that would be a major impediment to light motorcycling travel. Bronze boots…

It is striking how hey are the same but don’t even look remotely similar.

“You look vaguely familiar” said the right foot….

It made me think of people. How we age. How we wear the years, the use and abuse and laughter and smiles, the heartaches and the accomplishments. There has been days when I felt like the old boots and looked it. There are days when I feel like the new boots, shiny, bright, invincible. Thankfully, as people, we can exist beyond our creases, lines and wear, we can outshine our leather from the inside. We have souls.

Souls – Soles… funny how a few letters make such a difference.


One Response to “Boots”

  1. Cathy Hyska Says:

    Danielle – I enjoy your blog so much … this one was really nice …

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