Game planning

February 3, 2011

Beowulf up the mountain road

The days are starting to feel like spring, yes it’s only barely February but they are getting longer and the shift of the planet is palpable. All is good. Really good. I am thankful, comfortable, laugh a lot… It’s beautifully simple and oh so heart fulfilling .

what's to be added?

In a couple of days I will be going to Tucson with the amazing-beautiful Melanie. I will help her with her table at the Bead show there.

Beads and shimmery things, who knew? There is a whole universe of souls attracted to the small beautiful things, jewels and hand made treasures from glamorous to quirky. They are a bit like songs, put together, word by word, line by line, inflection and rhythms to form a whole. Very much like songs…

Oh all that glimmers...

I am blessed to no end with the people I live with. The weather is gentle and good to me, I am falling in love with my new bike and I play one guitar or another pretty much everyday.

a revision on the french baguette & bicycle theme

I feel a push. A push to do some things. The book… playing..

Then there is also the album. #5, we are conspiring to find the best time to return to Nashville and mix and finish it. I have this feeling that this has to be done soon. I might leave as early as mid February… we’ll see what transpires, the wheels are in motion.

I will also need to go to Vancouver, be there by late April, personal things to handle, close, be done with…


The road calls.

blue green

With all that is going on, I realize motion is necessary. Vital. With the Go guitar I now can have music with me. That is vital too. It is easy, oh so easy to start accumulating gravity bound stuff. To start behaving as if the material world knows best. To be driven instead of piloting.

The Universe gave me Beowulf… a touring machine. We are definitely getting closer. The main feeling I get from this machine is that it will take care of me.. I feel this strongly. Beowulf… strong warrior, tireless traveler, here to take care of me and the guitar. Some things need to be done like waterproofing the tent, take stock of what I need, figure out the logistics and do some… planning. Yeah, I said it, some planning. The territory I can cover is still largely dictated by weather, mountain passes but mainly ice. Ice I cannot have. As much as my summer journey was about following my nose, this time I want to find the communities, the people, where the music can live… I want to find the downtowns, the good coffee, the heart of things, of people.

and as much as the summer journey was me alone, this time I need to connect.

I am not sure why, what, where, how, the finances are very limited. But at this point material issues cannot be directing my choices. The day I left in June I put my fate in the hands of the maker and it has been the best time of my life with learning and discovery and then gifts that overwhelmed me in so many ways. To be available, open to the greater forces. Use my gifts and talents. Receive others in my world. Share the moment.

I wish to see more. See with my heart. Be “electronized” and fly through the universe again, anew. I want to share. Be one. Just be. Live above the hurts of the bones and flesh and connect with the light of it all. There was so much darkness. That maybe why I can’t get enough of this California sun. That it may pour on me and remind me of truth.

the accidental photo of the adventuress


2 Responses to “Game planning”

  1. Danielle…have not missed one of your updates since we met back in Oregon last Summer. Hang in there…I too am back on the road…entered Astoria, Oregon today bound via Scouthern California to Key West…on foot.

    SAM & ME / Bruce

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