On to Tuscon and back, Bead True Blue show

February 10, 2011

wind mills, Don Quixote would have quite the task

Friday morning we headed East on the I-10 towards Arizona. The ultimate destination was Tucson, where the Bead True Blue show was taking place and I was going to there to be Melanie’s helper. We drove in a… car…

a shifter... for a car...

The first stop was at the General Patton’s museum. A strange place for a museum I thought, but we got to see some military implements.

Dear General

... glad this thing is "sleeping"

Old Glory

Always had a soft spot for '70s pick up trucks

We drove pretty much straight through after that. It was a beautiful blue sky day.

the road ahead

former glory

the hills near Phoenix

at a rest area, someone was having a good time

I had never seen one of those...

We arrived in Tucson around 6 PM to the Double Tree Hotel where the show was taking place.

the hotel

Cozy room

I am now officially a Magpie :

my official Magpie tag.

The hard part came at 6 AM when the alarm sounded. I usually go to bed around 3 AM, now add to this the fact that we lost an hour driving East, it was like 5 AM. I could only grunt. It was pitch dark outside… then light came on the horizon and it was truly beautiful. We brought all the stuff to the Ballroom where we had a table to set up

I am here to here to help and I have to acquire a bit of an education in beads and into Melanie’s work and process, but she is immensely patient and soon we have our table up and running.

the table

Loot and jewels

We met quite the cast of characters.

the hat, costumes, jewels and more lady from Australia

Kia, from New Mexico via India, Nepal and more..

Even Charlotte came to say hi. She is on her moto road adventure

We had good times with drinks and music at night

The show went on from Saturday to Monday, it was work but it went by really fast. I managed to play guitar pretty much all day at the booth. Got a few people puzzled over what kind of instrument I was playing (the Go guitar). On Monday night we dismantled the table and ended up meeting with a few of the people from the show. It was really neat. I played some more.

We left Tuscon after enjoying coffee from what was touted as the “Best Coffee” in town and it was amazing

double espresso with a splash of hot water

It is called Saraya and they only serve coffee. Not even muffins or biscotti. It’s at 5350 East Broadway.

Long beautiful wooden bar

then it was the road again. We stopped once and Melanie drove the Caddy swiftly back to San Dimas. We had quite the light show…

Hand of God clouds

End of the ozone layer sun photo

Mountains, sun and wind mills

more windmills


detour on the 60



in the HOV lane, we're almost home

We got home around 6 PM, unloaded, shared dinner and stories. I got the Lapsteel out and realized I had missed it! played until midnight or so then went to bed.

the next day, I got out on my bike and it felt SO good… did not go too far but it was just awesome. The California sun. It was interesting to realize that I felt like I had come back “home”. I really do like it here… really do.



2 Responses to “On to Tuscon and back, Bead True Blue show”

  1. Erika Koenig Says:

    I look forward to seeing you in April-May.

  2. Kim Peters Says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I really enjoyed meeting you in Tucson. I’m home, teaching, and trying still to unpack and organize.
    I’m going to post a link to your website on my facebook page. And I look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.

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