February 22, 2011

Today was meetings. I flew through the landscape on the red machine to North Hollywood, the Magnolia Grille, an old fashioned American restaurant. it is an american classic place, booths, homemade cakes, endless coffee. But I’m sticking to tea…

After that it was off to Altadena, to the Coffee Gallery. Another planned meeting and a few surprise ones. It was all good. Very good.

Then off again towards San Dimas, with a compulsory stop at the Coffee Klatch, I held off drinking coffee all day in all these coffee places so I could get my fix of espresso done to perfection.

I was riding thinking about the fact that so many people will never know how it feels to ride a motorcycle. Thinking that this could have happened to me… I could have gone on down the path of my life in an endless loop. I was thinking about how something like riding has become as necessary as eating, breathing and brushing my teeth. I was thinking how this magnificent gift of a BMW came to be in my life. About the man who decided he was going to part with it and leave it in my hands. I also had a thought for my Suzuki, how it took me all around the country until it couldn’t go no more, emancipating me in the process. It gave all it had.

We played Saturday night, Forrest and I in Rancho Cucamonga. The weather was miserable with violent downpours so there wasn’t much of a crowd. But it was so good. To have the chance to play my music, to hear Forrest play his, to be there with friends…

At my meeting today the lady asked me if I played with a band.. I said :

“I play with a drummer, Forrest Robinson, do you know him? He plays with the likes of India.Arie, Sade, TLC, Anjelique Kidjo…”

She replied :
“Oh! these are the shows I would go see! … He is a Gift! she exclaimed ” To that I replied :
“Oh, I know. An incredible gift from the Gods of music to me…”

so many gifts.

I wish to have the health, the strength, the vision and the steadfastness to be able to rise to the challenges and give back. I can see it…. all of us smiling, laughing.

wait… we already are..


5 Responses to “Gifts.”

  1. Christopher Says:

    I know how you feel

  2. Toni Koch Says:

    we are smiling. that is the best gift. 😉

  3. David Walker Says:

    Dearest Danielle,

    I got the book. Thank you so much. Diane and I are going to change how we eat, live and all of that. Friday is the day.

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