Landed in Tennessee

March 4, 2011

Uneventful flight. That is good.

The Go guitar : how easy to travel with it. so light, no one notices it…

I arrived on time at 7:40 PM. Perry came to pick me up. We drove into Nashville, I needed to eat something… there was no food on the flight and my last meal happened at 10 AM. We had tacos at this cool place near the university. Then, of course, coffee.

We rode around Music Row. Big names, small names, all synonym with big dreams of music industry successes. The kind of glitter and dreams of fame that burned so many people’s savings and investments. Like a gold rush. A fever. People jump in, buying a studio to make it big only to find themselves filing for bankruptcy and seeing the previous owner of the studio take back his building. I’m not making this up. Yes there is also the stories of those who came, slept in their cars and got “discovered”. But for every discovery, thousands lose their shirts… and dreams.

We then drove to Gallatin, where the studio is located. We had a stop at Wall Mart. Supplies for the stay. The studio is out in the country side, and since we are traveling by motorcycle, which means if the weather turns cold or stormy, we are stuck, I made sure we had supplies for a few days.

On our way to the studio from Wall Mart, we were followed very closely by a police car. We turned in the driveway and they kept watching us for a while. Yuk. Feels like one would be guilty until proven innocent.

We walked into the studio. Same smell, same light, totally unchanged. Kind of wild. Time does not seem to touch this place.

The first night I froze. The owner keeps the temperature barely around 60 in the control room. That room stays warm because of all the equipment running all the time. Not so in the rest of the building. In the kitchen your food gets cold before you’re done. Then at night, upstairs, the temperature just drops as it drops outside, I believe it was around 50 degrees or so. I was just frozen. I have an air mattress which makes it even colder as the air temperature in the mattress drops to match the ambient temperature. I rolled myself into the comforter and managed to fall back asleep.

The next day required another run to Wall Mart to find blankets. I found a sleeping bag that had a rating of 30 to 60 F I figured that it should cover the extremes. The other thing here is that there is no shower. Yeah, grungy I will get.

Perry still has to work on another project before we start. It was supposed to be done yesterday. It wasn’t. I have to wait.

Right now I am not feeling the greatest. I am staring at the mountain I have to climb, already chilled and tired. I am going to have to rally up, get focused and not let anything shake my determination. I also have to be determined in a gentle way because I know force is not an answer with the people I am with right now.

Faith is the absence of fear.

I must have faith, I have to know that this will get done and that what will get done is what is supposed to get done. Know that this is only temporary.

I am OK, really, It’s just a bit unsettling right now.

I love y’all.


One Response to “Landed in Tennessee”

  1. Vicky Says:

    Danielle, can you contact me this week regarding your sculptures? Email me your phone number and I’ll call you.
    Safe travels,

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