In the Studio

March 10, 2011

I opened the outside door. It was about 3 AM. The air is damp, heavy. You can feel the South in the air even in the middle of March. The skies are a dark, a smoke black-gray. It’s incredibly quiet out here. Not a sound to be heard. We are likely the only souls up at this ungodly hour in these here parts…

On the horizon, towards where Nashville lays, the clouds are lit from the glow of city lights, from here it just looks like an ominous neon like glow. I felt the coldness creep through my clothes and closed the door.

I have not seen much of the outside. I kind of don’t really want to. I keep looking at the little San Dimas weather icon on my netbook screen and I wish I was there, in California. It makes me see how much that has become “Home” to me.

It’s certainly has been a slow start. A cold one too,

I had to wait around for 6 days, while another project had to be completed first, I knew there were chances that I might have to wait a bit, it was supposed to be a day or two, it turned into 6.

On day three or four, tired of freezing constantly, I decided to go back out to buy whatever I could find to solve the issue. We almost did not get going. Our mode of transportation is Perry’s motorcycle, a 93 Suzuki GSX 1100 G, which is a cross between a sport bike and a cruiser. The temperatures were around the low 30’s F and at first the bike did not start. Well, it did, then stopped in a stench of gas. This bike tends to foul its plugs and it wasn’t running great before today but the added cold to the fouled plugs would not allow it to start right now. We brought the bike in the garage while Perry pulled a bunch of old spark plugs that we tried to clean the best ones there with a wire brush and a heat gun. Then he put them back on….


heat gun

Vrooomm! The machine agreed to work with us.

It’s now getting dark, it’s cold, no doubt about it but we got heated gear and we’re not going that far so all bundled up we head out to Wall Mart. I found the fleece sleeping bag and the heater. $10 bucks! I can hardly understand how they can sell this stuff for so little money… We head back out to the studio in the cold air of the night.

motorcyclists at Wall Mart

We started working on the 8th. I redid the vocal for Don’t Want to Drown and it lifted the whole song to a new level with more energy and meaning. I might re-sing one more song… Yesterday was a bit of a “going round in circles” day. We had big plans to record the lap steel which arrived from San Diego that morning, and somehow it just wasn’t happening… could not play anything that put us into a “Yeah!” state.

the lap steel at the studio

finger picks

So with the help of caffeine and good meals and breaks we will proceed on. Tomorrow if the weather cooperates I will probably go out and have a shower. That will feel good. Really good. There is no bath or showers here and I don’t want to spend all this time traveling back and forth from the community center to the studio… because when it’s all said and done it takes about 3 hours to go out have a shower, then you have to stop here, there… half the day is gone…. so kitchen sink washes have to do…

Refueling center

We are gearing up for recording some guitars right now. “Beat It To Pieces” Gotta make them snarly guitars come to life…

All things considered : there definitely is progress.

I miss Beowulf and the sun…

Miss ya too, Love ya.


One Response to “In the Studio”

  1. Asbjorn Says:

    Glad to hear that you’re getting on track. No worries, we’ll save you some sunshine and good temperatures.

    Beowolf is ready when you are!

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