In the night we rock

March 14, 2011

It’s late, don’t know what time now, with the “daylight savings” change, all my devices say a different time.

I am sitting in the control room. We had a late start a realtor came to visit the studio and premises and we were kinda ousted, well in all honesty, we ousted ourselves so not to be in the way or to feel awkward.

I got on the back of the bike I could hardly keep my eyes open. The whole studio has the feel of an old castle: dark, cold and a bit foreboding. Where I sleep there is no windows so it is somewhat unreal in the morning as it is always pitch dark. We had gone to bed around 5 AM not realizing the time had changed and had to get rolling 5 short hours later.

So I just grabbed on to Perry and closed my eyes and rode like that until we stopped to get gas. Then we made our way to Starbucks, as espresso and a breakfast sandwich cost $5.55 and a Cracker Barrell breakfast would run you 10 to 12 bucks each and the coffee does not satisfy at all.

where we did not go..

We hung in there until the caffeine started to course our veins, then headed out to the Community Center for “OMG” a second shower in three days! Luxury.

When we made it back they were finishing up with the realtor and I had to go get a nap as I was too bleary with too little sleep to do anything.

Things started to rock later. Right now it’s 3:17 on my phone, so maybe it’s 3:17 maybe it’s 4:17 AM.

In this mixing process I am letting Perry do his art. I am not intervening other than say : wow! He has a vision, we have discussed what we want and I let him run. He’s working on Wicked Girl and it is MASSIVE.

The process of mixing consists in this case of giving each track, being guitar, vocals, bass or drums it’s attributes, EQ, effects such as reverb, delays, then panning, gating, compressing and finding where the tracks belong in the aural space ; front, back, left, right, center. Each single track is worked on solo then put in context then listened this way over and over until the wow factor happens.

I gotta say it’s not always the most flattering thing to hear yourself sing on a soloed track… I was getting critical of what I did, worried about not being good enough and feeling beaten up, funny how quick the judgments start flying in our minds…

Then suddenly it falls into place… So I sit here just listening, my jaw hanging. It is just incredible. Sheer pleasure. It’smassive, I mean : HUGE. Loud, intense, dark, beautiful, wild… everything I felt, I wanted to convey, express…

Everything I imagined it could be.


4 Responses to “In the night we rock”

  1. Langley Al Says:

    my…how time flies

  2. Erika Koenig Says:

    Does this mean that the album is almost produced done? What about the artwork for the cd?

  3. chili Says:

    “Everything I imagined it could be.” That is a very cool thing to hear. Sometimes things really come together at 3:17 (or 4:17) in the morning, and it sounds like it’s all coming together nicely. Well done! 🙂

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