Never a dull moment, how a phone call can turn things upside down

March 15, 2011

A phone call can change everything in an instant. It did last night. As I was getting dinner ready my phone rang. I saw the 250 area code : British Columbia. I was expecting a call from Vicky. She had emailed me last week asking for my phone number, she said something was up with the sculptures… I thought it’s either bad or someone wants to buy one…

All of my finished stone horse sculptures are displayed in the lobby of her business. It’s a horse related business and she had offered to display them there while I went away. When I left last June I had no idea what would happen, I thought I would likely come back to Vancouver in the fall… it’s not quite what happened. But anyways. The stones have been sitting pretty in there and I had no concerns about them. Vicky is a really sweet person.

One of the horses to go save... that one is around 150 lbs...

here is another one...

Well it appears that she received a last minute “got to vacate the premises ASAP” notice a little while back. So the horses need to get out of there.

“When could you come and get them?” she asked.

“Well I am in Nashville right now… What is your deadline? When do they have to be out by?”

“They had asked us to be out by mid March… they extended the deadline a bit… “

She was a bit frantic, apologetic, I could tell this was the last thing she wanted to be telling me. My mind was revving up, trying to see the options I had. Just when I thought I could relax into the mixing process here… and get that album done… another obstacle raising it’s head… there are sure a pile of stories about all that came in the way of getting this album done.

Vancouver seems really, really far away from where I stand here right now in Tennessee…

But the thought of some layman grabbing one of the horses by the ears, pulling, dropping them down… Some of those are very heavy, over a hundred lbs and as heavy as they are, some parts of them are as fragile as a work of crystal… Plus people grab heavy things with ringed hands, protruding buttons that scratch or break stone surfaces when they hold on to the piece on their chests… It’s a job for me… I can’t let anyone do this or bear the responsibility or it.

“Let me think about all this I’ll get back to you soon” and I hung up.

I tried to not let this upset me, I finished making dinner, ate, had coffee, pondering… Then I went to the computer what are my options with flights? Southwest has amazing deals, but you have to get your ticket in advance. You can change the flight date without extra fees, but you’ll have to pay the fee difference. So once you get a time frame shorter than a full two week time period it’s full rate. I had paid 109 dollars each way for my ticket. If I was to change the flight to leave next week that ticket is now $300 more. The next price break falls on the 29th, that is $200 more but I would have to decide before midnight tonight.


I wrote back to Vicky. She said that she misunderstood me, she thought I could only make it there for May. So things looked a bit better.

The way it is right now : If I can keep my flight the same, I return to LA on the 30th, then the next day I would hop on the bike bright and early and ride up towards Vancouver, it’s 1291 miles. I could do that in two days of hard riding and staying on the freeways. Then, assuming nothing happens, I could be in Vancouver on April 2nd.

I am waiting to see if that date is too late for their deadline. If it is, I’ll have to bite the bullet, abandon ship here in Nashville, pay the 200 dollars or 300 dollars difference and rebook my flight to an earlier date so that I can be up there to move the stones.

No rest for the wicked.

So I cross my fingers. Hopefully the 2nd would work… Otherwise it’s costly, it upsets the schedule here putting another obstacle in the way of the album.

So now I wait for that email… Lets cross our collective fingers…


2 Responses to “Never a dull moment, how a phone call can turn things upside down”

  1. Erika Says:

    I wonder if I can help out in anyway with Chris could we move them to Living Stone Studio with David’s permission? Just a thought….

  2. Langley Al Says:

    If you get stuck and need a hand or a truck to move the sculptures…that I could do

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