The end in sight but that doesn’t mean I’ll be idle…

March 26, 2011

I’ve said it. I’ll say it again. The days are flying by in a haze of sameness yet with differences and progress. It is kind of wild that we are actually on the last song of the batch tonight. I think some time bending and manipulations occurred here. Seriously. It looked impossible two weeks ago… The album will not be finished when I leave here, but then again, I do not have the graphics done, or even photos to put on the cover so that means I won’t release this until a few months down the road, which is, I realize, totally OK.

the view from the front door of the studio

So when I leave next Wednesday, Perry will go on for subsequent rounds of mixing which will be about refining and refining some more, cleaning up anything that needs to be cleaned up , tweaking and putting the sparkle and the little production touches that make something sound extra special. Very involved, nerdy stuff. His game. And he is good at it.

the console

And while that happens I will be heading to Vancouver. Yes, I have to go back earlier than anticipated. I have to go rescue the horse sculptures and I have to be there as early as possible.

The sculptures are in a building that has to be vacated. Moving those things require know-how or you face the very real possibility of breaking something irreplaceable.

Along with that, I ‘ve managed to book a really cool show in Vancouver (might as well while I am there!) with awesome musicians on April 13th. More details on that soon and a radio show : Melodies in Mind on April 5th and possibly a showcase with Vancouver City Limits, so the Go Guitar is coming with me.

So I’ll fly from Nashville to Los Angeles on the 30th, when I get home I have to do laundry, pack the bike go to bed then on the morning of the 31st I must head out North on the I-5 straight to Vancouver. There are 1296 miles I hope to cover in two days so I get there in time for the rescue mission. I trust this road trip is a job tailor made for Beowulf.

And speaking of Beowulf… the tire fairies came to San Dimas.. Oh you don’t know about tire fairies? Well they exist. Never been seen in action by anyone but cats I am told… so as Beowulf was hanging out with Little Blue, Bruce the 1125 and Elvira, they came… yes, the fairies came and did what tire fairies do…

the tire fairies removed the old rubber...

As you can see, they left all the tools on the floor which is a known tire fairies behavior…

... And put new rubber on Beowulf...

Next thing we knew… there was new rubber on those BMW rims… AND the tools are put away, a dead giveaway…

Unbelivable. Impossible. Unfathomable. Unreasonable you say… Well they did it. I have proof. I have photos… That is all I have to say.

Isabel the cat is mum. She won’t say one word about it. I think she was part of the conspiracy…

Isabel said she did not see or hear a thing while she slept on my sweater... I think she's involved with the operation...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear your protests. But I know better…

But back to the mixing here, I am very enthused by what is going on. Last night we worked on “Beat It To Pieces” and we were floored. Sometimes we get hit like this, and we go “Holy Sh#$*!!

tools and toys

The temperatures have dropped dramatically over the last 2 days (over 40 degrees) so I am back to freezing again. Indoors I’m wearing a hat, 3 shirts, a scarf, long thermal tights and I stay in the control room as it is the only room that is warm. My last shower was last Friday. I’m feeling that. The forecast calls for major rain, so I’m not sure if we’ll go out and get wet… (I did not bring my rain gear with me) or wait it out here at the Castle.

I am tired and a bit stinky but it kind of doesn’t matter whatsoever. I find a deep reserve of smiles, energy and an “upwards-onwards” mind set to carry me on.

I am blessed beyond belief to be able to do this, especially when I look at my financial situation. So I’ll take the cold, smile, enjoy the loud mixes and the opportunity to be completely absorbed, involved and carried away by music and the process of making it.

Life is good.


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