first part of the mission : success

April 6, 2011

First part of the mission is a success.

Today me and my friend (guardian angel) Chris moved the sculptures out of the office where they were on display back to the sculpture studio in Steveston. We started at 10:30 this morning and were done around 4:30. We did two trips, one for the stones, one for the stands. I used to have much more strength for lifting heavy stuff. It took a lot out of me.

The rain let off mid day and we even saw the sun. Hopefully that will continue for a while. Yesterday it was absolutely dismal. It is strange how sometimes you’ll ride all day long in storms and you stay dry. Your gear works. Then, a day like yesterday. You travel 15 miles and you are drenched to the bone.

It’s been kind of an uphill battle. Seems the operating word for a lot of folks here is “you can’t do that”
“It can’t be done” or something to the effect of impossibility. It’s just not how I like to think. It irks me to no end. Actually it pisses me off. Lets at least try before saying that.

I had the fleeting thought of just abandoning everything and high tail it South. Hell with this. But I know that I would come to regret doing that. And temporary set backs are just that. As I was getting all these “No” and “we can’t” a few angels showed up. then I rallied. “I’ll show them” I thought.

So it was good to be able to have one thing done. And not a small thing. I am seriously wondering what is the thing to do with these gigantic stone bookends and decorations. I realized the silliness of making a 200 lbs stone bibelot. I need a mansion…

Somehow though, I feel the key thing right now is to be patient. Somehow I think an answer is coming into being.

After moving the stones, I sneaked into the men’s washrooms at the studio, there is a shower in there kind of dirty and out of use but a shower, and the water ran hot. So I took one. I was smelly from moving all this heavy stuff. It felt good. Things are pretty spartan. I still do not have a steady place to sleep and that puts some pressure on. I would like to be able to unpack the bike and wash the leggings and shirt I’ve been wearing since last Friday… The rain makes things harder, everything is damp and angry.

Next, I went to the coffee shop next door for a well deserved couple shots of espresso. As I was sitting here checking emails, I saw a man looking at my bike which is about half a block from the coffee shop. He looked at it from all angles, then wandered in the parking lot, then headed towards the coffee shop… he looked at my through the window, I suppose he saw my helmet on the table, he gestured towards the bike and I nodded, yes, that’s mine.

He walked into the coffee shop and came to see me, we started to chat. He’s a BMW rider, used to have a mid eighties Suzuki that he loved, he then offered me a room in this house that he rents not far from here. The vibe is good… I might do that. Funny how things line up sometimes.

You know, I keep asking for the answers. Last night I was so weary. All these obstacles and this uncooperativeness and all this wetness and cold… Before I went to sleep I kind of asked to be shown the way, so I could get things done the best possible way. Looks like I’m getting there.

Tonight I have a radio show to do. I’m just about to go there… I will be part interview, part live performance. It’s on CJSF.CA you can stream it. The show : Melodies in Mind, starts at 8 PM, there are three artists doing 20 minutes segments but I don’t know what time I’m on.

I feel I must be patient. The answers have yet to reveal themselves. It’s a wild stroll on a wire as I have very little money or means and many big things to handle. But I’m not alone. I am so thankful for Chris, David, Paul, Steve, Mel and Ozzy…

Funny how, once again, it’s all about “gettin’ er done.”

and I will. We are. Hell yeah.


2 Responses to “first part of the mission : success”

  1. Forrest Says:

    Your post made me feel the rain, the cold, the weariness, Danielle. You’ll get everything done. I am so thankful for the angels that are helping you along in this journey. You’ll Git ‘er done! Stay warm, and I hope that the place to rest your head will indeed work out! The CJSF stream runs clean as a whistle, btw. It plays on VLC on my computer. Have a great interview and performance segment!

  2. Steve Slaughter Says:

    Hell yeah, just hell yeah. You have taught us that FORWARD is the direction to be taken.

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