April 15, 2011

I arrived at the venue and parked at the end of a long line of various two-wheeled vehicles lined up against the wall of the Vancouver Public Library, likely the only free parking available in the downtown core! On the bike I have the guitar, two tripods, video camera, change of clothes and all little things I will need for the show.

I was greeted by this sign inside of the venue.

I walked in the room and Xavier was there to do sound and Kitty was in charge of lighting. Sophie who was the person I had dealt with to book and organize this night was there too.

Sophie and Kitty

Elliot warming up

my view from the stage

gordon warming up

Then Tommy showed up with is double bass

the Go Guitar in the dressing room along with the snacks and water we got to munch on

We had a long sound check as we were still running through some songs. I ended up having many technical issues, I could not find my guitar picks, my patch cord broke, the battery for the guitar’s pick up died and I had forgotten the nine volt adaptor for my tuner… Thankfully Gord had an extra pick and an extra patch cord, Sophie went twice to the store to get the double A batteries then the 9 volt batteries. Thank God for those angels!

ready for the audience

At the last minute my friend Bruce showed up to man the cameras. Barbara did loan me two cameras so I managed to get the show taped!

The show felt amazing to me. These musicians brought a whole new color and life to the songs. I wanted to let things breathe and flow as they would naturally as opposed to try to re-create something from the past. I was able to take flight and really get into the music, which is the ultimate gift.

vancouver at night

After the show everyone left pretty quickly, Erika was with me and Bruce, so we went to get a bite. It was the night of the first hockey game between Chicago and Vancouver so we walked in the pub and there must have been 10 television sets showing the game. It was Hockey everywhere. The Canucks won so everyone was satisfied.

Thank you Radio Canada for all the good times

I headed back to the bike and dressed for rain, and pointed the bike south towards Surrey. My head was full of the night’s magic. Rain started to hit really hard, there sure is a lot of the stuff around.

Beowulf ready to go at the end of the night


2 Responses to “showtime”

  1. Bruce Maynard Says:

    Danielle…congratulations for Van.BC. Have not missed any of your updates. We met in Central Oregon…your Suzuki out front. We have passed close by a couple times since. Keep looking for you, but no luck yet…you at 80 mph; me at 4 mph. From Peace Arch Jan 13, have walked to Lucerne Valley, Ca. Next stop: Phoenix.

    Take care. Bruce/SAM & ME

  2. Asbjorn Melo Says:

    Chanteuse and Grand Voyageuresse!

    What a great introduction on the CBC interview!

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