Getting closer step by step

April 19, 2011

Saturday’s show : Awesome. I got there leisurely after a delicious coffee and Skype chatting. I was in the second half of the night so it was pretty relaxed.

wicked coffee from Wicked Cafe!

This trip has been a bit of a test for the concept of riding and performing kind of thing. Testing the Go guitar on the go and in the weather and seeing how this could all work.

Go guitar and motorcycle helmet

It does.

I arrived all motorcycle-geared up, I had to operate a transformation from that to “performer”. I had jeans and a sweater to trade for the leathers and heated vest and make up. Yeah, make up! I found my stash of make up in the van and tried it on for the Wednesday show. Somehow it helps my looks so I brought it with me. In about 12 minutes the trick was done and Karen gasped when she saw me come out with my “performer’s face”

I warmed up my hands for a good 40 minutes, trying to loosen up my motorcycle hands. I was tempted to changed the strings, they were dead… but I did not have pliers to cut the ends so I waited.

the stage

the room quickly filled up with a warm and eclectic crowd and the show got started. 4 performers, they each sang two songs and the two hosts : Karen Larsen and Bruce Gerrish were asking questions to each singer. Then a break and sound check and we were on.

Karen, one of our hosts

This was the first time I went on with the Go Guitar with absolutely no external equipment. Just a direct cable from the guitar to the board. It sounded GREAT. I was really glad. I ended up being the last of our group of four to come on. I started to play and the guitar was just sounding great. As good as all those full size instruments. I played Wish I Could Tell, a song from the upcoming album and it came out really good. It was interesting as my style was completely different than what the other artists were doing.

Another round and I played Don’t Wanna Drown and …. on the last chorus I busted a string! But I was able to finish the song minus the D string to very warm applause.

Then it was change time, back in the leathers, and back on the bike. Outside the skies were clear. Oh relief. the moon was almost full. The night was incredible. I started the engine, let Beowulf warm up as the temperatures hover just a little above the freezing point. I rode away my heart happy, thinking how perfect this all is… music, motorcycle, other artists and beautiful beings… I was gliding down highway 99 towards Steveston, the engine purring. I made it to Erika’s place, grabbed my guitar and the laptop and went upstairs where a warm appartment and the couch were waiting for me.

I woke up realizing that the nice time I had was now in the past and what was staring at me now was the tasks of moving my stuff, packing, cleaning, moldy van and all. Argh.

We both got up and went for a nice breakfast at Cimona cafe. They have an awesome breakfast, you can even get free range eggs… Erika and I had a good time over breakfast then it was time to head back to the van.

I spent most of the day pulling everything out again, repacking and trying to reduce the load as much as possible. Around 4 PM I was done, sore, and exhausted.

Monday : Big day. I rose early, ate fast and got going. I rode the bike to the van and then started the van and headed towards Vancouver. I did not know yet where I was going to start. But as I was driving over the Iron Workers Bridge I saw the sign for Annacis Island and decided to go to the movers. I got there and dropped off the stuff. That felt like a major step. Things are now in gear. I then drove to Steveston, I had some more painting stuff that I gave to Erika and some raw stones I left with her. Then to the sculpture studio to organize the pick up of the sculptures… Wheels are in motion. I go back to Erika’s and we both head downtown to the place where the last of my music gear is stored. We get there, eat a lunch Erika had made and then it’s time to do my phone interview with CBC Winnipeg.

Once that was done I looked at the stuff, repacked, and then we loaded the gear in the van. Back to the movers we go to unload all that stuff. Then to the dump for a second time… Oh my what a stench.

notice Erika holding her nose...

Suddenly this gigantic task is starting to dwindle in size, Oh My God. I might just make it…

tomorrow will be moving the the stone horses to the mover and packing them… Once that is done the “heavy stuff” is over.

Wednesday a photo shoot for the album cover with Paul McDermott.

Then it will be a few more things and I will be done… I’m so sore! but…. I’ll git ‘er done!


One Response to “Getting closer step by step”

  1. Lévis Bergeron Says:

    Un pas à la fois! Courage! Tu sembles bien te débrouiller!

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