Yer done.

April 20, 2011

She said : “That’s it. You’re done.”

“Huh, I’m done? …. I’m done.”

it was around 4:30 PM.

“Wow, I’m done”

I had just signed the last form. My heart is still torn in a knot. My two favorite sculptures are sitting on the dock of a loading bay back behind this office, They will be crated and packed and they will head down to California on a truck. Without me. Jason helped me pack and I know he was thinking I was pretty neurotic about those stones… They move stuff all the time… they don’t get excited about something fragile.

“Do you make those things?” He had asked me, when I said yes, he had a hard time believing it. Sometimes I have a hard time believing it myself.

The day had started early. I was awake around 7 something AM when Erika’s alarm when off. Then my head was just spinning, rehearsing the scenarios, possibilities, options and challenges ahead.

First I had to go get the studio keys in Vancouver, second, get back down to Steveston to load up the stones in the van. Luckily I had help. Erika was there and a friend, Adrian, came to lend a hand. It took about an hour and we got the whole load down the stairs and into the van.

I was already sore from the last few days, I’ve been moving stuff, boxes, heavy weights since Sunday and the heaviest was still to come.

I then drove to Karen’s house, she wanted to give one of my sculpture a home so I dropped one off to her.

I then made my way to Annacis Island one more time. Unload those stone horses one more time. My arms are getting weak…There is confusion as the person I had talked to so far wasn’t there and Abdullah started to turn “Canadian”on me saying “You can’t come in the warehouse… You can’t pack your stuff…. You can’t leave your things in the loading bay… ” Can’t, can’t, can’t… I was trying to tell him that Alain, the owner had asked me to come and get things packed here… He just would not hear me. He just kept rattling the same thing about guys coming in to work and all that I could not do… So I finally said to him raising my voice :

“OK, fine, I got that. Now then tell me what I CAN do and I’ll do that. I’m just trying to get this done. I was told yesterday to come here. if I can’t leave my stones here I will load them back in the van…” To which he retorted with massive attitude :

“Well, if you “want” to load them in your van, go ahead…”

Sigh… Gigantic sigh…

He then stood there looking far away. I know this whole vibe… This dude doesn’t know how to deal with me. He’s trying to be in control but he doesn’t know how to look good. I had seen him a week ago and I could see how he was puzzled with me, this woman on a bike taking care of business and all… it is as if there was no program on his hard drive that would handle the type of file I was presenting him, as if he could only get an error message…

Where is Alain, I asked. He knows. so finally he got his phone out and called his boss… I heard him say on the phone. :

“Hi boss, sorry to call you…”

“Well it’s this client… …you know when sometimes you just don’t click with someone… …her stuff…”

“He wants to talk to you” Abdullah said to me handing me the phone.

“Hi Alain”

“Hi Danielle, what’s up?”

“Well, I am here, I just need to know if I can pack this stuff as we discussed or what else I am supposed to do at this point.”

“You can leave your stuff there, it’s all OK. He didn’t know about it.”

“Cool, thanks”

“Put Abdullah back on the phone”

I called Abdullah, I realized that this was the first time I called the name “Abdullah” out loud.

Abdullah picked up the phone and walked away talking. He finally came back saying : “We’ll get this other guy to help you” and he left. Jason came down. He’s in his twenties, has that aloof attitude but he’s actually helpful. He started putting boxes together for me and I packed the clay sculptures in there. It takes a little while but we get it all packed, listed, marked and tagged.

“Now you’ll need to fill the forms.” he said.

So I drove the van around the front went in the office and met with the lady at the office. She has a beautiful Scottish lilt. We go through the forms. It’s quick, easy. Thank God. and that is when she said : “You’re done, that’s it”

I’m done.

It is slowly sinking in. Done. Well… Not quite, there is more to do. I still have a sculpture to find a home for, things to get rid of, one of the clay horses got broken on the trip today so that will go to the garbage, some of this is heart breaking. I put too much love in what I do, It makes it hard to separate. On the other hand, it is freeing. Ying, Yang.

I still have to wash the van,that will be hard on my hands again… I hope they forgive me all this abuse. Right now they are so hurt they are swollen and I drop things down… but that van needs to be cleaned up, and put up for sale…

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot around noon… there is one more interview… my taxes to do… appointments and a few friends to see.

a big list still but the done things are starting to make a longer list than the “to do” list.

onwards, forward.


2 Responses to “Yer done.”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Good show Danielle! Glad it all went well except for the one breakage. Are the day sculptures the white horses?

  2. francoise Moulin Says:

    Je serais tellement heureuse de prendre ton cheval casse jusqu’au jour ou tu peux le reparer. Je t’embrasse! J’ai laisse mes grandes sculptures en Belgique et je ne sais meme pas qui les a??? Je comprend tes sentiments.

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