The sun rose and the spirits soared.

April 24, 2011

It was a gorgeous day. Everyone was out enjoying the warmth and the sun. They both have been a rarity around here in Vancouver.

Yesterday was a day for mess ups. I thought I had lost the van keys, I had lost my phone, all my plans fell apart. I had traveled all the way to Vancouver to hand a set of keys only to realize I had no keys… I felt like a complete idiot. There has been so much moving, changing, displacing, reorganizing and all that sort of stuff that I suddenly can’t keep track of anything. That puts me in a very weird state of mind as I cannot afford to make those kind of mistakes by myself on the road.

They are the kind of mistakes that are a threat to my survival and well being… in the sense that if I lose certain things, I’ll either be too cold, out of money, walking or in some kind of jeopardy. Can’t do that.

The day left me all bent out of shape but I should not forget one miracle. I told you about Russ, the man at the heart of Richmond Mobile Brake and Tune… well, I had called him regarding the van’s throttle… the problem was that it would either be wide open with the engine going full throttle WAAAAAAAAAAH!!! and the vehicle would feel like I was barely holding onto a horde of wild horses, which was dangerous as it was litteraly going out of control with too much power and not enough brakes to hold it back at a light… or it would be almost closed which means that it would not even idle enough to keep the engine running which meant I had to go to neutral and pump up the gas everytime I stopped or the engine would go dead… Thursday night I had forgotten the phone in the van, so Friday morning I didn’t know Russ had called and was on his way.

When I finally caught up with him, he had already been to the van and fixed the whole issue. I was blown away… So the thing was fixed but I did not drive the van until today… then, I was blown away again… The machine was purring like a cat. It was running like it used to in some distant past. All smooth, civilized and efficient. “yeah… this used to be like this…”

I don’t know if you’ll read this but Russ.. You ROCK. I don’t know how else to quantify who you are, what you do and how you do it. THANK YOU!!!

Today was a much better day. I had good rest last night so I was ready for a more productive day.

After some errands, a meeting with my accountant and the delicious ride in the van I took the bike and rode West towards Vancouver. I ended up in Steveston meeting with Erika. We had loads of laughter, good coffee and we went around the boutiques here, just browsing and checking things out. Everyone Knows Erika around here. She LOVES Steveston and Steveston loves her back.

Steveston is a fishing village located on the south-Western tip of Lulu Island, which is Richmond, just south of Vancouver. The village had to grow and evolve, so now it’s part yuppies and part industrial with fishing and fishermen and all the related industries like boat building, boat motors, nets and all that kind of stuff.

So side by side you have the new moms wearing the latest Lululemon spandex and pushing space age tri-wheeled jogging stroller and grizzled fishermen, welders and mechanics. It works for now, but I think the corporate vision will eventually win and erase the fishing industry to build more designer boutiques and ocean view condos. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Erika had been at my show on the 13th and had taken photos… here are some of them.

Here is Erika, at the potato farm… a long story I might tell one day, it was her Goulag for a while… Thanks for everything Erika. You rock it and your smile lights the world.

Thanks Erika for taking those… it’s just priceless to me…

So finally things are just about done. A few more days, many meetings and finalizings, and I’ll be back on the road with Beowulf, Southbound.


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