And the S#@% hit the fan.

April 26, 2011

Well, it’s been an uphill battle ever since I left California, with weather, fatigue, physical demands of moving boxes, hundred pounds stones, cleaning and scrubbing, facing all the “can’t do’s” and overcoming them, facing the emotional pull caused by tossing away art work, things I cared about and all the intangibles of letting go. So far I managed to take the curves with relative grace, a few tears but much determination and ultimately got things done with amazing friends blessing me with their love.

This Easter week end proved to be filled with challenges I did not expect.

First of all, I learned that a song of mine that is particularly significant to me (and that’s saying it mildly) has been recorded without my knowledge and permission despite a very specific verbal agreement. That was a shock, and again, that is saying this mildly. I felt absolutely violated. This song is the story of my heartbreak and incredible sense of loss when my husband left. Can’t be more personal. I had been told nothing was going to be done with it. Now I learn it’s already been re-recorded. It felt like rape. If only they had asked…

Then the next thing I learn via email : the lady I sold a sculpture to last Tuesday decided she had a change of heart and tells me Sunday that she wants her money back as the sculpture “does not match her decor” and that she tried “everything she could” to sell it and did not succeed. (that was a full 3 days of asking her friends if they wanted the piece) Now she says to me that there is a “trial period” for such things… that I had no bill of sale, and that I knew she didn’t want it… well she wrote the cheque, no?? This morning we had a phone conversation and I am not proud to say that I lost it when she told me : “You are in this just for the money”

Me? In it for the money? I offered her a 7 thousand dollar piece for $1500. That is greed for sure. Yeah, I’m just a greedy, mean, ill-intentioned artist trying to pry money out of frail little old women. Yep, for sure.

To top this all up, the following news I got via email came from my tax accountant. I learned that I owe more money than I have which makes me officially destitute.

I kind of lost it for a moment.

And for a moment my mind only gave me the picture of a dark, narrowing tunnel into unavoidable oblivion. I questioned my choices. My decisions. I very much felt the weight of time and space heavily upon my heart and shoulders.

Now what?

Ground Zero.

I gotta make it work. Gotta rise. Gotta have faith.


7 Responses to “And the S#@% hit the fan.”

  1. David Walker Says:

    This all sounds like crucifiction without reserection! Who is the twit who bought the piece? All unbelievable. People do bad things.

  2. Seraphim Robinson Says:

    I pray this for you, Danielle. Too Rise. Too Have Faith. Too Make It Work. This latest update truly breaks my heart. It also makes me angry. If this person was truly concerned about your sculpture not fitting her decor, she shouldn’t have given you a CHECK agreeing to pay you for it. This is not a game. Not to mention how much personal love and intimate energy you put into making the sculpture. It is a part of you! I imagine it was hard for you to part with such a precious piece of work for literally a mere fraction of what it is truly worth! How dare she throw this “Bill Of Sale” thing in your face. Does she have a receipt or document stating that she has a right to renege on payment? These types of people make life frustrating. And speaking further of people making life frustrating… having personal, intimate creativity literally STOLEN from you by so-called friends is WRONG!!!! If these people don’t care to work and create their own music, they should just play covers!! It sucks that this business breeds these types of parasites. They didn’t appreciate you while you were a band, and now that you’ve struggled to try and make a name for yourself, they stoop to stealing from you. Unbelievable. I’m sorry for not writing something more positive here. This really upsets me. I pray for God to bless your finances as well, Danielle. You have taken on an unimaginable amount of work in your life – especially these past 2 or so months. This is like the final battle before the end. It really feels like this is one door that needs to close. And I believe that a new door will open to something truly beautiful for you! Hang in there, Danielle. Look and listen to your Higher Power. You are one of the strongest people I’ve ever known.


  3. Erika Koenig Says:

    and on the third day she rose again and again…

  4. And your faith should not be in man….

  5. flip banando Says:

    I’m rooting for you Danielle! Looking forward to seeing you back in So Cal.

  6. Madeleine Says:

    Ma chère petite fille, mon bébé, je suis profondément peinée par ce qui t’arrive, mais j’ai une grande confiance en ta capacité de résilience.
    Je t’aime,
    Mawie xxxxx

  7. John Doheny Says:

    i can’t offer any advice about the sculptures as that’s not my area of expertise, but unauthorized recording of your copyrighted intellectual property should be fairly easy to deal with. If the recording was done in Canada, SOCAN will deal with it. In the US, your SOCAN US affiliation (mine is BMI) can handle it. When you joined SOCAN as a composer, you were offered a choice of BMI or ASCAP as your administrator of US rights. Whichever one you chose will slap a restraining writ on whoever is doing this unauthorized usage, and sue their ass off if they release it commercially. Problem solved.

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