April 29, 2011

The whole sky was a spectacle. In all directions. by the ocean, by the mountains, over the bridge, to the south. So many hues of blues, grays and whites, shadows, gold and darkness. Rain showers in the distance to the north, Sunshine to the west. It’s so glorious.

the cars keep zooming by. I kept zooming by. It’s almost disrespectful. Such a display we should all stop and absorb.

I finally stopped, the sun’s almost gone. I took some photos of the very end of it. On an elevated road, by a farm, and shot away.

It was a generous peaceful day. Thank God. And so is today.

Angels are among us and they respond to the call.


One Response to “skies”

  1. That’s incredible, Danielle. I am so happy that you’re experiencing such BEAUTY after such trials!

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