Pics and thoughts

May 24, 2011

May in Vancouver

making balloons

the white peaks are the tents where Cavalia takes place

more balloons last week and there will be more this coming week

Beowulf cleaned up and "sans" luggage : spiffy

a view of Downtown at Spanish Banks

a classic view

even my jacket is hanging out in the sun

Beowulf got to meet a grand son, he still holds his own!

at Prado, cafe for the ubercool on Commercial Drive

The office

Vancouver way back in time

Been here almost 2 months now. It was going to be 2 weeks… Life has a way to happen. It’s still cold. It stays around 50 degrees and I still use the heated vest almost daily. I’ve been staying in a neat little apartment for a couple of weeks, that runs out for the 30th. I will have to find new digs in the next 5-6 days.

But there is the Good Stuff too : Thanks to Ted’s generosity I’ve been able to record some harmony vocals for my CD. I’ve been reviewing the mixes we had at the end of March and Perry and I both felt we could use a few more accents here and there. I’ll be doing some more of that likely on this coming Thursday. Ted also offered the use of the computers there, so I can get some graphics stuff started. Another possible good thing if not HUGE thing : Perry made connections in Muscle Shoals Alabama and it might be that we can get some really, really big name guitar GODS to play on a couple of songs. That feels good. Despite my unexpected detour and delay here, things are still happening.

Oh and another good thing : I bought new underwear today. A new shirt, a new pair of pants and tomorrow I will go out to look for some shoes other than my boots, as I can’t walk with them, they hurt my feet. They were the same brand and model than the last pair I had; Millwaukee’s that first pair was outstanding… but the new ones are nowhere near the same comfort… I suspect the manufacturing went to the cheapest bidder, so now the boots look the same but they are nowhere near what they were… So by tomorrow night I’ll have a brand new outfit. It feels outrageously indulgent. Wow.

I also got a bit of work for this coming Wednesday, balloons, dunno what colors yet. I’m thankful for that. I’m also thankful for all the friends I saw this week end. I am a bit ashamed to be so all over the place emotionally, as if I can’t rise above the feelings of the moment. There are some of those moments where I feel utterly lost, like I don’t belong and I feel like my dream is so out of reach… Fear… And I get mad at myself for being so weak.

So after the shopping tonight I decided to go downtown and just walk around. As I was going down Granville street I met a person I had not seen in years, Brock Tully. A very spiritual guy, beautiful soul. I knew him from the days I used to live in Kitsilano, he owned a bookstore and was way involved in community events. He still is. He told me he did a 12 thousand miles trip around the US…. On a bicycle… he did 7 major trips like this over the years for various causes. We talked some. I felt elevated when we parted ways.

I walked a little longer. Can’t wait to get the new shoes. The night was sweet. A calm end of long week end night, everyone gearing up for the new week. I got back to Beowulf, put on gloves and helmet, zipped up the jacket and hooked up the vest. The heat started immediately. Ahhh… It will be a new week for me too. Need to find a place to stay and try to figure out which way I should aim that front wheel.


2 Responses to “Pics and thoughts”

  1. Langley Al Says:

    I can offer our place for a week or so. Drop out and say ‘Hi’.

  2. Erika Koenig Says:

    I listened to The Best of Tuck and Patty this morning while I was doing my mountain of dishes while viewing the very mountains of the gulf Islands!

    Glad to hear of all things interesting and fresh going on. There is a song I would like you to hear called: Sitting in Limbo….

    The chorus is “I know my faith will lead me on” I could not stop thinking of the tumultuous ‘ride’ you have had upon returning North and leaving while the sun behind.

    Vancouver seems to bring that upon people, the need to define one’s self, to choose, to craft a life and hone long held dreams….


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