Tuesday : La Fete de la Musique – Make Music Vancouver

June 23, 2011

“La fete de la musique” or “make music Vancouver” is an event that started years ago in France and then found its way across Europe and has now landed on the west coast of the North American continent in Vancouver for the first time.

I was to play at spot 14, situated at 142 Water Street in Gastown. Gastown is pretty much the oldest most colorful neighborhood in Vancouver in terms of architecture, location and characters. The very rich and the destitute glide but never collide or cross that invisible border so can be among the well suited business folk and 2 blocks further you are at “Pigeon Park where you can find junkies shooting “en plein air”. Wild stuff. They tried to “clean” the neighborhood during the Olympics. This is what they call the Downtown East side, Gastown is right on that border.

But the event was mostly in the “civilized” part of Gastown. They had musicians at every 500 feet or so. At times it created chaotic results like the drum circle nullifying everything else around them, or the rockabilly band playing so loud, the next amplified group would disappear in the volume.

I played at 5PM so it was early in the game, hence not too loud yet. I was completely unplugged with the Go guitar, so yeah, we were quiet. Elliot showed up a few minutes late with his Cajon, a wooden box that can imitate a kit and that also has a really cool vibe, if I get that right, it comes from the Brazilian dock workers using wood crates to make sounds and music. So we played our set, were joined for a brief moment with Kevin who sang “ooooh gotta lose my fear” along with us.

But here is the day in images :

Elliot and I at spot 14

there were signs like this all over Gastown

early on, not too much foot traffic around Gastown

follow the signs and...

find music of all types and colors

there are still remnants of Canucks fever..

the typical Vancouver alley, the old triangular buildings and the new all side by side

Could not help but notice the diversity in the motorcycle fauna around Gastown

but we're here for the music...

and we found this...

and this...

and this... she was so beautiful... she played the classical repertoire...

Gastown was resplendent wearing sunshine like a wedding gown

this man carried everything on a bicycle... notice his trailer and riding shorts

well there will always be those who disagree..

and there are things that endure... can anyone tell how old this bike is?

amazing to see this machine here

this artist was sketching for spare change...

I made my way back to the bike and this caught my eye.

It was a great experience. someone said : Gastown should be like this all the time, yeah, music is good. Good for us all.


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