Countdown to departure

June 24, 2011

The day after the morrow, I leave.

the last few days have been bringing moments of acknowledgement of that imminent departure.

I’m sitting here at Patricia’s house. I’ts quiet, I’m by myself, I’ve crossing off things on the to do list and it’s getting very short. I’ve been slowly gathering the things I will carry and culling what I will leave behind. The bike has been serviced, looked over and loved and it’s ready. I still need to get oatmeal and a few more food things. I want to be less dependent on restaurants..

Sunday morning I headed out for a ride with Chris, we went up to Squamish on the brand new Sea to Sky highway, the Olympic highway to Whistler. It was my first “ride” since the March run up to Vancouver. I’ve been riding but in a “commuting” sort of way which means going from A to B in the most efficient manner, or the fastest you can while being stopped every 500 meters or so. So being out on an actual highway actually felt good. Beowulf enjoyed too.

Chris rode his Ducati 999, a gorgeous machine that draws both admiration and scorn depending on where you are. I heard both.

Ducati 999

That bike made Beowulf look heavy and slow. This is a dream machine that I know is not in the cards for me right now. I have a very weak spot for sport bikes. They are beautiful… so beautiful. Then I felt guilty of such envy. My bike was given to me by the Gods. I can only love it and be grateful for it’s lion’s heart and all it allows me to do. All it allows me to be and become.

My brave Beowulf and Chris' Ducati in Squamish

Chris is probably the oldest friendship I’ve had on the West Coast. He is a golden soul. We spent a half day then we had to go our own separate awys and I found myself shedding tears on the way back to Richmond. A twinge of loneliness. A twinge of knowingness that I’ll be leaving these friends soon for the road.

Chris in full gear

Today I saw Mary, I stopped by the restaurant where she works to give her a last hug before leaving. Another golden soul… I just find such beauty in her…

This morning I did a radio interview for Radio Canada Winnipeg and it was a nice long meandering through my trip-adventures, my process as an artist, all sorts of things about creating, traveling and not owning anything. Then she asked me what part of the continent I liked the most… It is interesting to respond to questions and see what your heart will come up with. I thought of Wyoming.


I said :
“Oh, Wyoming, the colors, I would…” and I choked not able to finish, taken by the emotion of the memory of that land. The colors, the immense skies, the grasses dancing in the wind and the scenery so big no camera can quite capture it. As if it’s size matched my solitude, the vastness of what I feel my soul to be, allowing for endless roaming. Then I finished,

Booth 14, the studio at CBC

“I would stop every so often taken, speechless by what was around me, promising myself to put it on a canvas one day.”

Sometime in the future, with white horses running…

Tonight I am about to go out and play my last Vancouver show for a while. It’s nothing glamorous, a pub. Hopefully some friends will show up and we can share the moment before I head out on the road, alone, towards the fate that has been assigned to me.

another friendship, the marks for the master left for us to ponder


5 Responses to “Countdown to departure”

  1. David Says:

    You have a safe and beautiful ride back East and I will see you in LA. love, david

  2. bobskoot Says:


    I wish you safe travels. Sorry I will miss your sweet voice but we are in Calif and won’t be back until late Saturday.

    take lots of photos in Dinosaur land . we will be with you in spirit and hope our paths will cross again, sooner than later.

    take care

  3. Erika Koenig Says:

    Is that down by the River par chance …. hope to see you soon, no mistaking those marks and he was able to achieve a lasting legacy as he dreamed of. We are now challenged to untangle our own personal legends…if we are honest we will admit like Susan Aglukark that, [we] “I’m weak on my own, I think everyone is”. I find the only way through is by faith and that is simply that we are sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see despite any pain and suffering that we live through here

  4. that sculpture is the one in front of the BMO on #3 Road, It brought tears to my eyes.

    We are sparks of the divine and to see ourselves as weak is to deny that divinity in us, the moments of weakness are a compass that help us recognize that there is a choice we can make for either fear or love. It is a quest. So let us ride armed and horsed and true.

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