Back on the road

June 26, 2011

Well, I got delayed one day. The plan was to leave Saturday but as usual, when I make a plan, it gets foiled. I woke up and it was pouring rain out there and I had quite a few more things to do before leaving, one of them being shipping a package to my mom in Quebec. So, I decided to delay.

It took a couple of hours and everything was packed, wrapped, picked up and stashed. I was ready to head out.

Patricia, with whom I had been staying for the last 3 weeks, blessed me with a prayer that brought me to tears. It has been amazing to get to know her. She opened her home and heart to me and I am very, very grateful for this new friendship.

I sort of packed the bike, not very well, I had a pyramid behind me… but I knew I needed to get things, get rid of others and did not put on the leathers… (those things are bulky) I

I am looking at my surroundings as I ride to Steveston with the knowledge that I am going to head out of town for a good while. It always changes the looks of things, and People.

I made it to Steveston in time to meet Erika. We hung out for the day, with her sons, we went to Garry Point, had frozen yogurt and enjoyed the sun playing frisbee… I am PATHETIC at frisbee… truly, truly pathetic! So it made the kids laugh.

I bought some travel food, oatmeal, sardines, flat bread and a smoothie mix that I can make if I am caught somewhere with no food. (it has happened) I also have almonds and dried fruit, I’m all set.

I went to bed early. I was feeling the last few days’ hectic pace and late nights and wanted to be fresh for Sunday morning.

This morning I made Erika some poached eggs and toast, we went for espresso, then bought a bottle of water for my camel back, hadn’t done that in a while! and out I was.

I had a scare when I thought I was going to run out of gas, I had decided to wait to get to Chiliwack before filling up as the gas is easily 10 cents cheaper than in Vancouver, lately the low gas warning light would come on at about 140 miles on the odometer… I was at 166 and it still did not come on… I started to think that it was broken… and if so… that could mean that I was about to be out of gas… next station : 30 km… I’m sweating it. I get to the station and it finally comes on at 166 miles… that’s how much better Beowulf gas consumption is on the highway. Phew!

It’s now 4:37 I am in Osoyoos, had coffee a sandwich and I am aiming for the Creston area.

When I woke up this morning I could see myself as a tiny little microscopic speck on a ginormous map of Canada, standing at the very far left corner. Many miles to come. I am not sure what pace I should be taking… I usually don’t really have a destination, so I just go wherever, but this time I do… Montreal is the landing point. Mom. Going to see Mom and I am very excited about that. So how fast do I go?

I’ll have to tune in to my nose again… Well, it’s time to go… talk to you soon.


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