Bien au Show, and we shoot a TV show in Stanley Park

June 26, 2011

The main reason I had decided to stay in Vancouver until the end of June was an invitation to be a guest on a TV show produced by Radio-Canada. It’s a summer show will all sorts of guests and events and it will be broadcast in Western Canada.

This last Tuesday and Friday we shot scenes on the bike, an interview and I played a song. We were lucky to have the weather cooperate and had two gorgeous days of brilliant sunshine.

Tuesday we shot the motorcycle scenes. There was a small camera that was set up on the rearview mirror post for some scenes, then on the engine guard to get the wheel and the road. A cameraman was in a mini van for side shots, with the door open, then sitting in the back as I followed. We did scenes with the host as my passenger and solo scenes. here is what that day looked like :

The Tuesday crew, Lyne is the host of the show and yes she will ride with the skirt!

a sign to identify who we are

Lyne is very pretty so Leo made sure to introduce himself...

setting up the camera on the bike

we did many different shots of putting on gloves, helmet and such things...

...starting up the bike, pushing buttons, turning the key...

I don’t have photos of us going around Stanley Park as I was the pilot but in was a nice fun day. Lyne was a great passenger. We had some funny moments,like trying to make us look like going fast (in first gear..) and a roller blader passed us on the sidewalk!

We spent maybe 3 hours, going around the park. I was reminded how amazing this place is, the views, the air, the trees and the beauty of the Park. It is a jewel. We wrapped up and I headed home. It had been a fabulous day.

We were back on to shoot the interview, the song and some other shots on Friday. The forecast called for 60% chances of rain and rain it did in the morning but by 2 PM it was gloriously sunny.

I got there early and Beowulf became the make up room

Lyne took this artsy shot

then, Beowulf became the office desk so I could sign the contract.

it was a bigger crew with 3 cameras, sound person, producer and host.

singing Aventuriere Accidentelle in the park

the set up with the crew to record and film the singing

Shooting the bit after the song

then we shoot the bit where we "go for a ride" which will tie with what we did on Wednesday

getting our last instructions

onlookers in a tourist bus filming us filming...

Stanley Park just blooming... it was glorious, at least all that rain keep these plants happy!

the float planes just taking off from the harbor not far away

from another viewpoint

Patricia and me

blurry but I like it!

Everyone was smiling, things went smoothly, it was fun and easygoing. The producer is excited with the shots so far he told me he thought it was going to be gorgeous.

I will have a link soon for this tv show, so you can see it online.

Some days are just perfect.


One Response to “Bien au Show, and we shoot a TV show in Stanley Park”

  1. francoise Moulin Says:

    BRAVO MA BELLA!!!!! Amuse-toi beaucoup! appelle-moi avant de partir!

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