Osoyoos offer

June 27, 2011

After I finished the last blog post I walked to the bike. I took photos of the street just so to remember. I haven’t been too good with photos today.

Osoyoos downtown on a bright sunny day.

Beowulf all packed up

the gentleman you see walking in the photo above offered :

“You want me to take a picture of you with your bike?”

“Sure! I don’t have too many of those as I always take them!” I said.

He took one, looked at it,

“Nice.” he said putting some calculated emphasis the “i” of nice.

“Let me take another one.” Why not. He came back to me handing me the camera.

the two of us

“So where are you coming from and where are you going?”

“I’m coming from Vancouver and I’m going to Montreal.”

“When do you have to be there?”

“Well I don’t really have a time frame. It will be what it is.” I answered thinking about the money and time and all those things.

“I have a place by the lake, I have two of jet skis, kind of like this machine, he said pointing at the bike, but for water, I have a house with 4 rooms, you could come over.”

Hmmm… lake, sun, jet skis, well,well… that could be tempting I thought. The day is unbelievably beautiful, and near the lake here it’s very hot, It could be fun… Or it could be funny. I’m looking at this guy and I’m thinking I’ve seen him somewhere… can’t place him…

“I’ll let you think about it while I go get something at the store.”

“I can’t really think too long” I said ” this outfit is kind of hot standing still in the sun.” I was wearing my leathers, jacket and helmet at that point.

He walked back towards me. I’m trying to sense what he is all about. I am wavering between the sense of adventure and the tiny weird feeling I get.

“Nah, I should keep going” I decided. “Thanks for the offer, it’s tempting though, very tempting.” I said. I got back on the bike and rode off, he waved at me and I waved back. I was climbing the road out of town wondering. Where have I seen this guy? I think it’s music related, or radio…

I guess I’ll never know. It’s all right.

The choices we make, directions. Who knows where that could have led. Paths crossed, fates changed by those decisions.

I landed in Creston it was getting dark. I rode 500 miles, not bad for a first day. The BMW is amazing on the long distances. Truly amazing. You just don’t wear out the way I did on the Suzuki. It’s so stable, steady.

I found this funny little camp ground, with RVs, WiFi, showers and toilets. It’s super clean, and the basic rate of $22 includes the free shower with endless hot water. some places are cheaper but then you have to pay for a 2 minutes shower. So this was good. And if I wanted I could have been emailing from the camp site but I didn’t, it’s not really camping anymore.

My tenting neighbor was a young man from Quebec who came down to work on fruit farms in the Okanagan.

time to set up camp

I took out the guitar and played in the dark for a while. Then went to sleep.

I now am in Cranbrook, found a cafe called : good coffee and it’s true.

we continue on.


2 Responses to “Osoyoos offer”

  1. Forrest Says:

    This sounded so peaceful and beautiful! I know that “not knowing” isn’t always a peaceful thing, but you painted a nice picture. I love the photos! Certainly a far cry from the dismal rain a couple months ago! Some of your posts constantly remind me that I’ve never been camping but sure would like to!

  2. ah, camping, we’ll have to remedy that!

    you better get ready!

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