All night ride

July 6, 2011

I rode and rode and rode.

In a long endless darkening night spread her dark fabric across the land, but not without grace and magic.. All around me a halo of pink, mauve and blue shifting colors. I pondered why the Gods let me run out of gas and maybe it was about stopping me to change my perspective so I would see what was around. I can get into a “go” mode and all that matters is to cover miles and be annoyed by everything and I was getting annoyed at myself for getting so annoyed as it’s not the way…

I am thankful to be sitting on this bike. I am thankful for the ride. I don’t know what the future holds and as opposed to last year when I had nothing to hold on to, this time I feel there is much in the balance and that changes the game, the stakes, how I look at things.

It is the North. The trees fight to live, the roads are scarred and brutalized and the people of this land have to do just the same.

So I followed the 11. In the dark. I am connecting to the smells, the changes of temperatures, I can tell when there is water around by the feel of the air. I am taken by the smell of summer flowers and grass. It’s haying season and in the darkness the perfumes just are mesmerizing. The sky is unbelievable. An endless ocean of stars so bright, it was like a light show. The milky way, worlds away from this world, incredible. I forgot. I had forgotten about them. The stars up there.

I had left the Tim Hortons in Hearst around 9 PM and rode until 3 AM. I had to gradually ad on layers, the heated vest. I change gloves and put on Melanie’s gloves, they have saved me so many times and I think of her, my beautiful friend, everytime I put them on.

I stopped. I was feeling I couldn’t go anymore. I was unable to decide what to do, stop at a motel, but then they would throw me out at 11 AM and since it’s past 3 AM now, that only gives me a few hours to settle down and rest before going again. I could go set up camp but in the dark like this I wasn’t sure where to go. I finally stopped at a rest area. In the dark I can tell there is trees and picnic tables so I pulled out the air mattress and the sleeping bag, set that up on one of the picnic tables and slipped into the sleeping bag fully dressed. That sky and those stars are still there. So magical. I can hear frogs and night creatures. Even some birds. I wanted to look at the heavens but I fell asleep in moments.

The cry of a loon woke me up. That sound… Have you ever hear a loon in the early morning hours? Out of this world… The sun was barely up. Not my usual hours. I got up. The time is 6 something in the morning. The spot I am in is so beautiful. It’s breathtaking… the colors, the view, a lake, trees… I barely had 3 hours of sleep and I am starving. I packed up quickly hopped on the bike and went on the search for breakfast and a motel where I could rest as long as I wanted since we now are “tomorrow”.

I found a place. It’s more money than I wished to pay but at this point I can’t go any longer. It’s around 9 AM. We have another sunny day. I am alive.

I have a really good breakfast, home made bread, poached eggs while watching the royal couple shake hands in PEI. (Prince Edward Island.)

I head to my room, it’s quite nice. I abandon myself in a hot bath and go sleep. I rode from 11 AM until 3:30 AM the following morning with my little “out of gas” break in the middle. Somewhere around 700 miles. The bike is runnig really, really roughly at idle. I am somewhat worried. Gotta get to Montreal soon and find BMW help there.


3 Responses to “All night ride”

  1. John Adams Says:

    Danielle, Weight distribution is important on a bike. Please contact me and we will see if some simple tricks will cure your problem or if we have to get creative. Love the blog. John

  2. Charlotte Says:

    I signed a lease July 2nd and have been depressed since… but at the moment I am listening to Alien Suites and looking for work on-line at a local coffee house.

    I love you, and I miss you and Piglet misses you too!

    I fly up to Wisconsin to pick up my car in a few days, the lcd tv and business clothes. I know this is the right thing for right now, but how it hurts my heart!

    Keep the wheels turning… until we meet again ?!?!?

  3. Aaron Says:

    I have been really busy with work, but I have been thinking about you and had some vibes coming from you. I just read the past few journals. Oh my gosh Danielle, just reading your posts, I get nervous. DO NOT PASS UP A GAS STATION ANYMORE!! Don’t make me have to get on my BMW and be your guide. On 2nd thought, that’s not such a bad idea. We miss you down here and hope to see you soon. Your writing and pictorials are almost as beautiful as you are. As I ride to work tonight in a few minutes, me and my bike will be sending you and your bike good vibes and peace. Be safe!!
    your friend

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