Tarot cards

July 13, 2011

I hit the road the next morning still a bit out of sorts. Whatever time and space you gain going restlessly for 20 hours has a price on the body. So far, I’ve been lucky with the weather, hot but not too hot, no rain and today the winds are kind to me.

Today is a short day, 350 KM to my destination of Ottawa, there I will meet with friends, I’m really looking forward to that. On the outlying areas of Ottawa the drivers are fast and determined, a big city vibration. Everyone is important, busy, needy, greedy and in a hurry. Getting downtown was easy, one exit and I was right in the heart of it.

I park, listen to the engine. The bike runs so awfully it’s disturbing.

OK, turn on the GPS, find a place to land for a few hours. I get to a Second Cup coffee shop that is .02 miles away. Wow. Wifi, espresso, it’s been miles and miles of luxuries the north does not offer. I sit down, take my coat off, get online and sip the coffee. The emails have piled up, I’m behind with my communications. I get in touch with my friend : we’re to meet here in about an hour.

It was a warm gentle night, the company was amazing. I feel really blessed. My friend’s daughter is going to move to Vancouver to go study acting at Studio 58. She is beautiful. Luminous. All this hope, desire and will to live to explore to breathe. Youth. They offer me their hospitality for the night.

She offers me her room, I was ok with the couch but she insisted. On the side of the bed there are books about numerology, tarot, the meaning of life and a set of tarot cards. On top of them a pink happy, smiling Buddha that glows in the dark.

I picked up the Tarot cards. Pulled 3 cards.

King of Pentacles
The Devil
The High Priest

Well, I know nothing about Tarot and these cards puzzled me. So I looked at the tarot book. For the King of Pentacles, there is a story about a person who leaves town and home for travel and finds themselves never wanting as they have attained a level of life skills high enough to create what she needs.

The Devil : he lives outside the human realm, adorns his body and partakes in pleasures that humans cannot necessarily deal with gracefully. There was a note about learning to enjoy pleasures without falling victim of them.

The High Priest, Higher learning… this has been my quest. Find my truth, find enlightment. When I had picked the three cards I had sort of postulated that the first one would be the past, the second the now, the third would be the future. I sit there pondering. It’s not the first time this comes up. Finding the light, finding the higher purpose.

I keep asking questions. I have always done that. For a long time I would shout them out to the wind in loneliness not expecting answers. But more and more those answers are provided. Once I calm the noises of anxiety, fear, frustrations I see them clearly shouted back at me. This whole journey has been about the quest, the tests, the rewards and the sometimes overwhelming gifts of life, love and connection.

It took a long time to fall asleep. In the morning, everyone was asleep. I picked up my things, packed up the bike, the skies are threatening. I wrote a note for this beautiful soul. A thank you note. I’m thinking of heading to Montreal now. Looking at the clouds, I might be able to stay ahead of them.


2 Responses to “Tarot cards”

  1. David Walker Says:

    What a lovely piece of time and communion. You really have in a subtl but profound way set yourself out of the realm of ‘regular’ human being and are being in a sort of met-realm. I really enjoyed your description of drivers coming into Ottawa, right on! Reminds me of driving into LA. Warmest regards.

  2. mq01 Says:

    FABULOUS! i can see myself drawing those same cards over and over again 🙂 ride safe and continue to fill your soul with glowing light and refreshing riding winds.

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