August 3

August 3, 2011

Live as if you will never die
Pray as if death was going to take you tomorrow.
live without hanging to the questions, the deadlines
the hows and the whys and the material concerns

The bike sits in an underground garage
most of the time, but for a weekend escape.
I’m moon and wind deprived
But I am harvesting the blooms of Turkish wild flowers

I cry, I’m lost. I cry I’m found.
I cannot deny. I cannot run.

The life of a bird
Sun, rain, predators, unexpected shelter.
Feeding on the crumbs that fall from plump white slices of bread
Tenderly hugging ham and cheese at a local yuppy cafe. 


One Response to “August 3”

  1. Danielle,

    I would love for you to contribute to the book – sounds like you have an amazing life with amazing adventures. You are brave and free, a true Queen Bee! We have 8 topics, and you could write a piece for each one if you like! Just send whatever you want over to me at and I will be in touch. The Universe has brought us together for a reason 🙂 Stay safe!

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