September 20, 2011


Sunny day. Ottawa. I just came back from a week across the Gaspesie peninsula and New Brunswick. Not on the bike, but in a Toyota…  That was different.

The most memorable moment was to climb down a cliff and go swim in the Atlantic’s frigid waters but the sun was high and so was the tide and the waves were coming with gusto. It was exhilarating. I had forgotten how salty the water is. I had forgotten how the hair thickens almost twice its size to make a stiff yet stylish do that smells of freedom and adventure.

As much as Montreal sweats attitude and impatience, once you’re past Quebec City it’s all taste and heart.  A fulfilling, inspiring space.

Back in Ottawa, fall is definitely in the air. I find myself cold all the time.  I think my body has adapted to being extremely hot from hours of being exposed to the engine heat and sun on the bike while at the same time being cooled with the wind…   That means that I am either permanently cold when the temperatures drop below 80 degrees or  I’m too hot if I’m not in motion. I see turtle neck sweaters in the near future.

I know it’s been a while since the last post. I did not feel I had much to share since the title of the blog is “On the Road” I guess it was borne out of a feeling of failure.  After being denied entry in the states in late July I felt I lived in-between places.  Without roads to point Beowulf towards and without the ability to go finish my album I just kind of “stopped”.


Forgiveness.  Patience.  Peace.

Bank Street, Ottawa. September 2011. By no stretch of imagination I could have predicted this situation… But here I am…  One has to laugh… at this point in time I was going to have my album released, lots of performances, I would have been in California, I’d be playing with Forrest, developing my fanbase! Ha! Ha! Ha!  I would have ridden to New Mexico and even worked on my white alabaster horse… Dream on babe.

I pondered turning back and returning to Vancouver, I would likely be able to find good jobs more readily as I have contatcts and I could likely ride the bike all winter so I wouldn’t be grounded, I’d be riding…  but it also makes me feel as if I woul be stepping backwards… That is not allowed.

Calm, focused and forward…

So yesterday I went all out and purchased a small amplifier, a Fishman Loudbox Mini with inputs for both voice and guitar so I can play live in small venues. I also purchased a Tascam US 220 L which is a digital interface that comes with basic recording software that will allow me to record song demos. If I am going to make the best of my time I need some tools.

When I was denied at the border I did have this intuition that despite my foiled plans things were on target.  Everything was actually OK.  On target.  It has not been that clear since.   I do fight with myself, with the conceits of what I think I am, what I think should be or do versus showing willingness to see the path Life opened to me.  A lesson in patience, humility.



That day I left on June 2010 was the day I accepted to take the risk, the chance, to trust in life, trust in the Gods or whatever else you want to call it.  It was the day I accepted that I wasn’t going to call all the shots and the day I accepted to accept.

Another curve.  Relaxed hands, eyes looking ahead while the line is being drawn in the mind, the body’s inclination directing the machine, there is no fight, no wrestling, mainly there is intention.

So my near future will not include many mountains, curved roads, Death Valley’s immensities, sweltering southern paths, or nights under the moon … Oh how I long for the moon…  The road will be mainly urban, with its potholes, bottled up frustration and heavy traffic. It will be one of patience and one of tenacity. I will not lie, I miss California and the souls that defined it for me more than I can ever express… But I do see that I have more to learn here. A massive learning opportunity. One can fight and feel betrayed or one can learn and get stronger.

If creation is my purpose, then I’ll find the way to do this here, there, anywhere. I am, as always, my own greatest obstacle.


10 Responses to “Update”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    You don’t have to be “On the Road” to make a post to let us know you are doing Okay. some of us worry about you and wonder if you are safe . . .

    You still have the Free Spirit attitude and you will survive and endure the hardship of not being able to cross the border, but I hope that this obstacle can be overcome in the near future so you will be able to complete your album and ride back to see your friends in CA.

    there is no such thing as Fate, life is what you make of it and which paths you take. Where one door closes, another will open . . . and you will be ready for the challenge

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. We learn much from you… patience, perseverance, AND persistence and all the while you still seem to find wonder in things we so easily overlook.

    • Steve!

      And I learn much from you! Funny how that goes around. I have faith that the forces of the Universe will bring us on the right path, or road and give us a magnificent motorcycle to course it in the direction that suits us.

      I miss you, miss Sunny. Take care!

  3. Bob McEachern Says:

    Denied entry to the USA won’t be forever, you will make it happen. They just want to see you have a job and a home to come back to in Canada so you don’t move there permanent. If you could show you had a job, address and you had a return ticket back to Canada going for a 2 week vacation the door I am sure would be open to you. Just stay away from having a plane ticket originating in the USA returning to the USA it sets off warning bells.

  4. Erika Says:

    We can make our plans while our thoughts expand into unknown territory, all the while we may be in for something totally different than what our imagination can conjure.

    To take risks takes courage, fears known and unknown are present, yet we have to keep having faith: “….which is being certain of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (this speaks of following G-d) according to Hebrews 12:1. Yet I think it also applies to the gifts we have been given by the Creator, and the mystery of who we are.

    As artists we dare have faith that we have been given our imaginations, visions and dreams. We must follow even when people cannot understand or are hurt, we must be who we are.

    As difficult a path as that is….

  5. Flip Says:

    I have to admit… I was also concerned with no word from you for a while. I am glad everything is ok.
    Reading about your adventures makes me long for a road trip. Planning to ride to Death Valley next month. I hope it cools off a little so I don’t turn into a human potato chip.

    I am looking forward to seeing you and Forrest together again. I miss that energy level you generate when you are together.

    • Hey Flip! so good to hear from you. I loved Death Valley, I went in October last year, it’s actually at the end of that trip that my Suzuki “died”. Wow this seems like ages ago…

      I miss playing with Forrest so much… These days are full of ambivalence… I’m trying to learn.

      sunny side up, and see you sooner than later I hope

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