On the way across Gaspesie

September 22, 2011

images from the road trip…

first night at the Ile d'Orleans, Quebec city is in the distance


The Toit Rouge B&B, it used to be a nun's residence where they would come and rest


the owner's residence


we went out at night to see the waterfalls across the bridge on the mainland


a foreboding lunar landscape led us up a wooden staircase...

...and there the falls fell

the B&B is so close to the water, the tides come to lick it's edges, here is one person who was not aware of tides...


the next day we traveled on the north coast, maritime history is part of the place


...other places have no historical facts to report


so many churches, so little time


things to watch for


at Petite Vallee a master weaver was at work


and so was the wind


one of many covered bridges


a sculpture and a bird


and the Rocher Perce around the next turn


and the day ended on this note.


2 Responses to “On the way across Gaspesie”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    beautiful, peaceful / tranquile, relaxing, wish I was there. Almost looks like you took a short vacation to recharge your batteries . . . and think . . . and I presume, leave the driving to someone else

    Riding the Wet Coast

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