Through New Brunswick

September 28, 2011

the other side of the sunset


the next day we started in New Brunswick.  It was completely different.  Yet again, you cross a border and magically everything changes.  The atmosphere, the houses, the attitudes…  It was a rainy day and being in the “off” touristic season, there wasn’t much to grab my attention.   So we made it a bit of a race to Hopewell rocks.  We got there as the sun was beyond setting

Hopewell cape


some of the Hopewell rocks


and another

Yes, it’s pretty dark, I thought I could save a bit more of the images but that’s about it.  the rain resumed after that short respite.

picture of rain in the night...


Albert Fair


we kept driving in the night, everything was closed and as we were getting too starved for words we fell on Albert Fair.  We had hot dogs and hamburgers and pop.  Which at this point felt like a feast.

there were horses


a sisterhood of cows..


prizes to win...


and to top off the night : a lawn mower tractor race


It was like falling into another world, a complete U turn of perceptions.


with full stomachs and our imaginations tickled we hit the road again


Cafe in Alma


We ended up in Alma, a beautiful village on the coast.  We had breakfast in the Octopus Cafe where a stage is permanently set up, art fills the walls and a boutique and the organic food is to die for.  There was even a guitar for all to play hung on the wall and a sign that said : Please loiter.


the caves under the tide


a bit further down the road, another small town and there were caves carved by the waves, they can be visited at low tide, but it was high so not today…  we just took in the scenery and the sun.


pebbles and water


Faraway horizons


blue skies


then St John, New Brunswick


these sculptures are everywhere and can be too real...


Strange door knockers for a Christian church.... very egyptian


Grand Falls Canyon


More Grand Falls Canyon


Grand Falls was our final stop for the day, where once again we saw the attractions in the dark.


Grand Falls pack 9/10ths of Niagara Falls volume of water...


Angry waters


2 Responses to “Through New Brunswick”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Hey Danielle, I think my former grad student and now MD lives in that Place or near by and her name is Sonia Sampson and her husband is Kyle.

    Beautiful place, there are no ordinary moments!

  2. bobskoot Says:


    as usual, your words make me think . . . I’ve never, ever seen the other side of a sunset before. Actually, I don’t think that’s even possible. too bad you arrive in the dark.

    I can’t even imagine you feasting on Hot Dogs. Enjoy your trip

    Riding the Wet Coast

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