Making a dream come true

October 5, 2011

Making a dream come true


For many there are dreams that stay in a quiet corner of the heart and never demand to exist. Like my dream to ride a motorcycle. It laid dormant for years and years. I had found all the justifications and all the reasonable reasons and the desire to ride a steel horse quietly was subdued by reality and the need seem to be no more.




There are all sorts. The ones provoked by marketing, these usually pass quickly. There are the dreams we get from insecurity, like dreaming of winning the lottery or that sort of “get rich quick” “get a mansion”, They stem from fear or from being insecure about one thing or another. We figure that with a chest full of gold everything will be OK.

Then there are the childhood ones… those always lurk, simmer, nudge us, they are always there, hidden or visible.  Those are part of our fundamental essence. They come from a time when we believed everything was possible.


Last summer I had been invited to a dinner with a Turkish family. They are new citizens of Canada, there is the mom, the dad and two daughters in their early twenties. Fassilette is the mom. I had showed up on the bike and she was trying to tell in a half English, half Turkish how she’d love to ride a bike one day…


I loved her spirit. I said : I could give you a ride, you just need a helmet. Her eyes sparkled. Yes, yes we were going to do this. That was back in July.


Last week, we’re now in September…  I met with them again, I was playing at an open microphone and they came down to cheer me on. The bike ride topic came up again.  Could we do it?  She was about to leave for a month in Turkey, by the time she’d be back it would likely be too cold…   I had seen the weather report and it was going to be great for riding in the next few days, so I said “ How about this week-end?”


Saturday afternoon. Fassilette’s house. Turkish tea and goodies. We chit chat for a while. No one is talking about the elephant in the room in the shape of the yellow helmet she was going to wear and the impending ride…


Getting ready to leave for Fassilette's first ride

“So, are you ready? You still want to do this?” I asked her after a while.


“Yes, yes!” She said nervously, yet beaming.


So we geared up.


The sun was high and warm. In the air, this particular Eastern Canadian autumnal smell I remember from childhood.  The trees are starting to turn in a myriad of hues. The grasses are dried, yellowed almost ready to surrender.


We go through the instructions, mainly I’m asking her to always me to have my two feet on the ground before attempting to dismount or do anything so I can keep the bike upright.  Don’t be afraid to hang on to me with arms and legs.  Don’t make wild moves while we ride.


I got the bike running and she came to sit behind me. I feel she is tremulous.  I will ride as smoothly as possible, I want her to enjoy this. I always feel this huge responsibility when someone sits on the bike with me. Their lives are in my hands. I can’t allow any stupid mistakes.

We take off. I feel her hands on my ribs. She is holding me infinitely politely, yet definitely holding. I do the softest shifts I can do. Stop as seamlessly as possible.  Beowulf is great with passengers.  In some ways it’s as if the whole drive train thrives on the added weight.


I don’t know this area, so I did a “Danielle” which is what I do best : to follow my nose. I turned East out of the suburb then South, I ended up on a beautiful semi-country road lined with trees and fields and birds flying.  A flock of geese… It’s a perfect day for a ride. Warm enough so one is neither cold or sweaty. The sun shines, the breeze is gentle, the traffic is very polite, no craziness from anyone.


Within a few minutes she exclaimed : “ This feels WONDERFUL!”


Awesome.  I thought, the mission has started on the right foot.


We rode for a good 20 minutes going south then I turned back.  I wasn’t sure how long to go.  People get sore butts sitting back there and I never do… so I decided to turn around while everything is still fresh and comfortable.  We did not talk much as with the wind, helmets and the Turkish-English language difficulties there is not much point in doing so.  Shut up and ride, smile, give the thumbs up and enjoy.

What a privilege…  This thought keeps coming to mind when I ride these days.  I don’t ride often, can’t afford it and can’t justify it, so when I do, when I suddenly look at that red bike, feel the wind and the whole experience I am always blown away.  Thankful, grateful and childishly excited on my steel steed.  Wow.  How lucky can I be?


We rode back to her house. Everyone was outside waiting. I pulled next to her house, she dismounted and everyone was helping her take the helmet off anxious to hear from her.






She looked SO happy. She was beaming a thousand suns on this gorgeous fall day.


“You know” She said, “ this was a dream of mine… this is something I dreamed about all my life.. All my life…”




a happy rider

Beowulf and I made someone’s dream come true. I don’t know how to explain this but this was really, really important to me.  It was one of the coolest moments in quite a while for me.  To just contribute something and make someone happy.


So I asked : “ Did the experience match the dream’s expectation?” I had to ask because I’ve had some “dreams” come true that were so… neutral or worse, plain disappointing.


“Oh it was even better!!! I loved it!!!”


I thought : “Gee,  I could go  park myself on a street corner put up a sign like “motorcycle ride dreams brought to life” and make someone happy.  In some ways it was a very simple thing,  but in other ways it was everything life’s about. To see joy you helped create in someone else’ eyes… Priceless. Infinitely priceless.

7 Responses to “Making a dream come true”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    life is full of desires; fulfilled and unfulfilled, “perhaps” . . . “one day” . . . it will come to be

    I am glad you and Fassilette had a great day floating around the countryside together.

    you are such a careing person to have been able to make a dream come true.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hey Bob, I hope you are doing well and that your dreams are coming to life. Yes this was a great moment. Sometimes it seems, giving joy to others is the only thing that matters everything else being so selfish… Take care and talk to you soon

  2. Cathy Hyska Says:

    Danielle .. what a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Cathy H

  3. Seraphim Says:

    This was a FANTASTIC post, Danielle! I felt like I was there, sharing in Fassilette’s joy with you. Keep being a bearer of joy!


  4. Charlotte Says:

    Sounds like you didn’t pull any extreme G’s with a nice lady on the back… lmao… I will never forget our day on the bike… I was showing some friends my video and explaining “the turn” onto the east LA highway…

    Stay safe, ride often and love foolishly… it is all worth it…

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