November 2, 2011



In whatever doses, clarity is always welcome. From darkness to light. Clarity.


To finally see the shapes and forms of a world formerly hidden or masked.



Yesterday I got a shot of it. It was initiated when I went for blood tests. Since April I had been trying to get a full physical, in Vancouver, I saw 3 separate doctor’s offices trying unsucessfully to obtain a full physical exam as I had some serious concerns.    When I finally saw a doctor for all of about 4 minutes she told me that I was getting old.  Who is to argue this inconvenient truth?


Yesterday something tangible was finally announced : hypothyroidism. After my initial reaction of “I knew something was up!” a second reaction of “I am now officially defective”, my third reaction was one of relief at finally knowing why everything felt like walking in an interminable underground tunnel with nothing but a small flicker of light here and there. The symptoms I felt had an actual cause.

They say take the little pills and in a month I should be back to normal. Cool.


Other than that, it’s been warm this week here in these Northern parts and this is one chance to wash Beowulf, which I’ll do tomorrow. Cool.

I will soon be moving into a new apartment, a place to call home. Cool.


We’ll have a heated, indoor garage for Beowulf so I’ll have my bike close to me, dry, warm and protected. Cool.


With this stability established for this winter I now can formulate and activate what I intend to achieve over the next 6 months or so.

I am blessed. I thank the Gods for all the gifts. I keep moving.

All my love.








3 Responses to “Answers.”

  1. francoise moulin Says:

    Salut ma Belle, je te lis et je pense souvent a toi. Je lis ton parcours de vie. Je te felicite pour tout le beau travail que tu fais. Je t’embrasse tres fort et prends soin de toi.

  2. David Walker Says:

    Dear Danielle, I just visited this afternoon with a former student who showed up with hypothyroidism and is now doing just fine on those little pills. As for officially having a defect, well, it seems to get worse before it gets better. From my perspective you are still a sweet young thing ; )

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