First snow.

November 24, 2011

“Danielle! Come here!!”


I put down my guitar and ran towards the balcony.  The opened patio door let in frigid air that wrapped around me before I even got outside.




White. White particles descending diagonally through the sky and down on the city. Snow. The first real snow fall this year. The neighborhood is hushed. The evening is lit by the crisp white particles.  There is an orange hue caused by the street neons reflected by the gazillion flakes coming down. They are dry and skinny, not like Vancouver flakes who usually come down as fat, wet conglomerates of flakes partying their way down to a relatively warm ground. Here, on the already frozen ground, once they land, the flakes rush around, pushed by the wind looking like white mirages, fleeting, ever changing.


I kept looking out from time to time to tabulate the accumulation, snow keeps coming down, reconstructing the view for us. This white delivery causes excitement, wonder.  Especially at night. The sonic environment changes as the high-end pitches get EQ’ed out, the world muffled.  It’s as if the world was suddenly all ears, paying attention, it’s differences and edges get blurred and erased.  A new exciting world, a place to be the first to step into, like a brave explorer on a new continent.   That is of course before you have to actually go out in it, before it turns to wet gray slush, before you have to shovel, strain your back and curse the stuff.


Well there is no turning back. Winter is coming, well actually, it’s here!  I keep hoping that it will be a mild one. I read last week that Ottawa was going to get a milder winter this year, something to do with the planetary wind currents.  I’m all for that.

In the morning I came out of the building, looked around. Snow melting. Bicycles left to fend for themselves, chained to a post, their tires buried in the whiteness.

I walk. It’s still fairly cold. The sidewalk is covered in a rainbow color thin layer of petroleum product. I’m suspecting it came from the sidewalk-cleaning tractor. They were out last night, very soon after the snow started.  At regular intervals I could hear the hum and the scrape of  engine and blade. I thought of all the people who make a living from the snow, they were probably all smiles. Right now, the soles of my boots have stiffened from the cold. Each step the sound is brighter, brittler,  my feet roll a bit, as the soles do not relax completely, held back by their frozen, stiffened molecules, it feels a bit like walking on plastic plates.  I guess I’ll need “real” winter boots.

I stopped to take photos and stepped in the snow. Immediately the cold penetrates the leather.  I forgot how real it is. I think of the homeless people who tried to find a warm spot last night. Around here, you don’t dream so much of spending the nights under the moon. You’re grateful for the roof, the warmth, the turtle neck, and a perfect hand knit wool  sweater.

Other than that, I’ll have to winterize the bike soon, riding time is over.  Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends as we head for the rush towards Christmas, New Year’s resolutions and parties.  The volume of junk mail is expanding daily, the commercials are all red and white and the store windows getting all festive.


Hard to believe…  we’re already at the end of this year 2011.  It wasn’t at all what I had planned. Big disappointments but also some major gifts from the Gods.

On this 200th post, I thank you for being there for the ride.

Talk to you soon!  Stay warm!  Love life.




4 Responses to “First snow.”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    I shiver as I read your thoughts. Our brief snow from last week melted nearly the same day. I am sorry you are stuck in a desolate, white, cold land . . . pretty but I prefer the wet coast. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, we have much to be thankful for

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hey Bob,
      Please don’t think that it is desolate, it is cold and intimidating but there are also a lot of blessings and learnings. I do believe that all that comes to us is perfect. My challenge is to not be overwhelmed by disappointment when things turn out differently than I wanted or expected, but to learn to be open enough to receive those gifts and to abandon fear.

      Yes I do miss the west coast. Nothing compares! But there are many blessings here too. I’m starting to open up to them. And if my mission is creation then, it does not matter where I am, what matters is what I do. I’m getting there!

      all my love


  2. Danielle Liard Says:

    You’re welcome, I really enjoyed the ride. Hope this doesn’t mean it’s over. You can take us along your flights of fancy even without your faithful Beowulf, you know. Hope to see you sometime before the year ends.


    Danielle 🙂

  3. Well, I’ve pondered the validity and relevance of this blog since I’m not literally on the road these days. Maybe I should change the name! But if life is a road, then we’re always on it, so this will continue for sure for a while!

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