Birthday thank yous

December 7, 2011

Thank you.

Yes, thank you to all of you for being.

I woke up energized this morning.  I was very thankful for that as some days I am still dealing with health issues that leave me struggling to find the energy to open my eyes, so this was a great gift.

Today is a bit different, it`s my birthday.  Not that I’ll do anything outrageous, but somehow, I’ll treat myself a little special and won’t be so hard on myself.  So, I went out for coffee, to my favorite place : Bridgehead.  The coffee shop gets full at lunch hour with office workers on lunch break so you have to share tables wherever a seat is available.


I asked this lady if I could sit at her table and she said yes.  No one has ever said no so far, but the correct etiquette is to ask.  I had plans to work on a song after reading the daily news.  I find the coffee shop atmosphere conducive to a sort of “concentration in the noise”  as if working at home by yourself in silence made you more self-conscious.  But my work plans got quickly derailed.


turkish coffee anyone?

I ordered my double long espresso, sat down,  enjoyed drink and read.  And that is where it happened.  The lady across the table said :
“What kind of coffee drink is this?”

“Double long Espresso.”

“Oh it looks so good with the creamy part on top…”

“This place makes one of the best long espressos downtown and I am a coffee addict!”

We started to chat.  I haven’t had a chat like this with a stranger in quite a while.  This conversation made me smile very widely.  Her name was Irenny, (Body parts she said : ear and knee, she volunteered that as  a memory trick!)   We had such a good time, we talked art, feminism, coffee, life…

I can’t begin to express the joy it gave me.  Sometimes, moments like this give meaning to your existence. Just being.  Sharing.  See through someone else’s eyes for a moment.

My birthday being in December, is always a bit of my time to look at the year that was and the year coming, a rehearsal of sorts for the New Year’s reflexions and resolutions.

One of the wishes I received today went like this :

” I send you love and wishes for continued adventure in the flow of your heart’s desire.”




the flow

The flow of your heart’s desire
.  It stopped me in my tracks.

Wow.  How profound.  How right.  How simple.  To find my heart. Wash off all the fears and the uncertainties and the defensive blindness that cover it.  Ad-venture to go where I have not dared going before.  Magic will appear.  I know it.
So, once more thank you for your love, your friendship, your strength, your understanding, your beauty.  Thank you for traveling with me.  You are my birthday gifts every time we reach out and connect.







3 Responses to “Birthday thank yous”

  1. Forrest Says:

    You have carried us all along with you on your adventures, Danielle. They are all beautiful! Thank YOU for that. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wit’ yo bad self!!


  2. bobskoot Says:


    sorry for missing your BD. Anyway, here is a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG for you, belated . . .

    that last photo reminds me of Osoyoos, BC. Like a desert in the summer. It is good to be on the road, Spring can’t come too soon

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Flip Says:

    Happy birthday Danielle! I hope you had a great day.

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