Hello, hello my friends

February 6, 2012

It’s been a long time. Life dictates. I apologize for the silence.

wanna ride?

I now have spent 6 months in Ottawa, I saw the end of summer, fall and now winter. A winter I had fully, completely, totally forgotten about. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride where I went from wonder to anger, and at times, getting the feeling of being so incredibly far away from anything remotely close to something I’d call home. At the same time it exposed some things in my own world that I was forced face or otherwise feel miserable for what seemed like eternity.

'Twas a cold winter night

I was confronted with the question : how to be at peace?

The last year was an exercise in frustrations.  I was turned around, turned back, denied and I tried to be graceful about it.  To accept, to see the blessings…  Sometimes I did well.  Some other times I just completely faltered.

During my travels, my Peace was pretty much a constant. A sliding scale of wonderment, excitement, meditative periods, challenges that strengthened me.  On a bike you are in the Now, in the Now you are at Peace. That “Nowness” made me infinitely happy. It made me feel I could die right there and all was right.

To witness the land unfold before one’s wheel, this impossibly beautiful earth with its sunsets, full moons, starry nights, flowers, scents, winds, blasting sun on the desert sands, impossible greens on the spring hills… That gave me peace, contentment, a sense of absolute, a sense of being a fiber in this rich fabric not more or less important than other fibers a sense of infinity.



So how do you recapture infinity from the vantage point of an apartment window at the 11th floor of a building in downtown Ottawa?  Was I doomed to be living forever in regret, in the past, to long to be back on those roads and not finding my way to them?

“It’s all illusion.  It is what you make of it”

What I make of it.


So, now what?   I’ve been practicing my guitar a lot. . It’s ground zero at times because I am pushing myself hard, challenging myself, my skill level.  I have been jumping into new material, new exercises and the stuff is humblingly tough.  But I am improving and that’s what matters.  In a manner of speaking I am learning more vocabulary, which will make me better at expressing through the music.

I’ve also had meetings with a couple of different music industry people, just to get a different perspective. But mainly, what I am starting to get is a sense of how I want to do this. My main thing has always been that I want to play, create, perform.

hot to cool

I am feeling an inspiration. I have a bit of a plan, but of late, when I have plans they get blown to smithereens so I don’t want to put too much intensity in them. I am planning to get a busking license, to play in the Ottawa Market. If there is a thing that this trip-adventure taught me about myself,  it is that I need to just do and be what I am.  Busking is in some ways the purest way of being a musician and being yourself.  I used to be terrified of the idea alone.  Now I think it is going to be essential to do that.

I would like to find myself  on a tour to Vancouver this summer, a solo motorcycle tour to perform my French album Aventuriere Accidentelle to the French communities across the country.  I’m imagining this with visual projections of images of travel and possibly a narrated track of the story.  So I wouldn’t have to talk too much to explain what is going on.

Another one of the inspirations I am starting to feel is to try and prepare to go overseas for a motorcycle-music tour. I’m dreaming of Europe, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Russia if that was ever possible. To go there and perform but also learn and discover new music. Gather all sorts of data, photos, adventures, wind and full moons… Mountains, new faces, humanity, eternity… Imagine what could come out of that… It’s possible. Anything is possible,

“It’s what you make of it.”

It is how far, how much, one is willing to dream up.

But even if none of that happens, I am right now on the right road.  I am finding the Now, from the 11th floor, without the bike, which is sleeping in for the winter.  It’s a constant process.  Reminding myself to be, to breathe.  To open my eyes.  Be amazed at all this crazy mosaic of a life in the 21st Century on planet earth.

In the mean time, Leo stays warm with Turkish hand made socks


2 Responses to “Hello, hello my friends”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    thank you for coming back to us. we now know you are safe and planning for your next adventure. I hope your dreams come true

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Bruce Maynard Says:

    Danielle…so pleased you have posted again…missed you.

    I too, am wintering over (on the Outer Banks, North Carolina). Plan to walk back to Van. B.C. (Peace Arch) arriving August 15, 2012 – will have walked over 15,000 miles since we met a lifetime ago in Oregon’s High Desert.

    Ongoing plan is, like you, to fly to Europe and walk to Beijing…then north thru Siberia, cross the Bearing Sea, and continue walking the Alcan Highway back to the Peace Arch.

    Perhaps we will again bump into one another somewhere.

    Positive attitude and safe journey.

    Blogging on Facebook: SAM & ME

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