February 21, 2012

Monday was a brilliant day in Ottawa, I went on a 7KM walk following the Rideau Canal and returning downtown via Bank Street.  No one was skating on the Canal, It’s just been too warm these days, warmth for which I am grateful.   The days have seriously lengthened, we’re getting close to the end of that tunnel called winter.  I left home at 4:05 which would have been darkness only a few weeks ago.

I went down Metcalfe, turned right when I hit the parliament building, then down to the Canal.  I’ve been feeling this need to walk, walk, walk, lately.  I don’t recall spending so much time indoors and not being physically active.  I followed the canal for a little over 3 KM as the sun was slowly sliding down the western end of the sky



There is a short window of time, when the sun hits the horizon, when the light is just amazing and brings the scenery to life quite dramatically.

On my way back I landed at Bridgehead coffee… if you come to Ottawa you MUST try their espresso.  I am a complete addict…

Saturday I played my first “real” show in Ottawa.  I was invited to play at the Winterlude for a half hour set at 7:30 PM.  I played in a bubble, that was a first too.  I was really looking forward to the experience and it was great. I mean, there is nothing like getting good sound, good support and play an actual show.  Here’s what it looked like :

the MC presenting me...


in blue


in purple






from the eyes of a child


Afterwards we went to celebrate a birthday at a pub down the street.  It was a pretty perfect night.  And the long week end went by, sunshine, music, good cheers and all.

These days I am working on putting together a tour for next summer.  I have dates in Vancouver and Winnipeg, I need to book Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario.  I am planning to take the bike, the Go guitar and minimalist gear and present the Aventuriere Accidentelle show (accidental adventuress)  I never really got a chance to present this music and since my new album is nowhere near ready at this point I don’t want to just sit around and the time seemed right.

I am trying to book things in French communities but I will do whatever gig comes my way, in larger cities I can hire side players to play bigger shows and on the Canadian highways, it will likely be a solo act.

So if you think you could get 10 to 20 friends in your home, I could do a house concert.  I come to play in your home, we can share the music, the fun and a night with friends.  In return I would get a minimum donation per guest and accomodations for the night.

It could be the motorcycle club, the neighbors, the French community, you get the idea.   If you think you can get 10-20 people or more to come for a special evening let me know, I will be on the road between the end of May and end of July.
well that is it for now, hugs and talk to you soon.



5 Responses to “”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    I love the your shadow on the tree, soon I hope there will appear a shadow of Beowolf by your side.

    Ottawa still looks cold. I was there once a long time ago, but during the summer in the hot weather, then we drove to Quebec City.

    Super glad to hear from you, once in a while

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Dear Bob, it’s always good to hear from you too! Yes, it’s still cold, in terms of the normal people say it’s hot! Lucky me. Hey by the way, what do you think of the idea of a house concert when I get to Vancouver? would that make sense? maybe at EMS? any thoughts?

  2. John Adams Says:

    Danielle, When are you going to come south again? Wanderer

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