today in Ottawa

February 25, 2012

snow, let it snow

I looked out the window around noon and it was just this inocuous light snow flitting in the air.  By 3 PM I lifted my gaze from the computer screen and it was practically a white out.  The city scape was gone.  I went out a bit later to take it all in.


Huddling together


church, trees and pedestrian


winter baby blues


everything keeps on going no matter what


and the advertisers know what you wish for


twins in white robes


winter abstract from the bus shelter


everything changes under the snow, the mundane becomes glorious


the knit bombers at work...


crossing the street at rush hour


Bank street


winter tree de light


perfect show if it was for tonight...


snow shadow


While the snow is still fresh is the time to capture the magic.  Tomorrow it will be slush and puddles and dirty wetness all around but right now it’s fairytailish.


6 Responses to “today in Ottawa”

  1. David Walker Says:

    Beautiful Danielle, and how is the beautiful Danielle?

  2. John Doheny Says:

    Wow it all seems so abstract. I’m running the A/C here today in New Orleans.


  3. ben Says:

    love it! reminded me of the time when i used to live in ottawa back in 1996. snow all the time, but beautiful.

    how is the faithful beowulf?

    • Beowulf is sleeping soundly in a heated underground garage. I’ve been bikeless since November!

      We just had more of the white stuff today, with wind and all. Yes it has a wild beauty it’s undeniable!

      take care Ben!


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