March 22, 2012

First I must tell you…  I was going to post Monday.  I had it all ready to go, I was just getting to putting the photos on the post when somehow the whole thing disappeared and I was left with one lone photo.

So here I go again..


Monday morning,


city work day

I got up early, 8 AM and for those who know me this is VERY early. I could hardly focus visually or even walk with full coordination but I did get up and that was good.

Lately, many events in my life point out to a : “Lets..” direction, as lets move on, lets go, and also let go .

One of these “lets” events happened last week. I had sent the bike, yes my Beowulf, for maintenance. I had just enough money for the planned $700 splines lubrication and 30 thousand miles routine maintenance. A couple of hours after he picked up the bike, the mechanic called to let me know there were bad news. I braced myself…   “OK, I thought, I can do $1500…  I’ll find a way…”   Then, the words landed in my ear as such :  The splines were worn out and a seal inside the transmission was leaking. Total for repairs : $3500.   And that is in hopes that nothing else is found to be wrong…

Beowulf at the shop

Three grand.  HOLY SH#$@!  This is way above what I can afford… or much more accurately, want to afford. The question is : “is it worth it?” What if I put that kind of money in there and have, say, a carburetor issue 2 months down the road?  Some other dried out seal?  Gasket?

He said that the problems were mostly caused by the fact that the bike sat around for years. Well, doesn’t that also mean that the integrity of the rest of the bike is questionable ?


open heart surgery

I stood there torn between the very strong desire to close my eyes and say “do it” so it wouldn’t hurt, so I’d keep my baby with me and a sort of indignation like “are you kidding me?!”.

The way this bike came into my life felt like we were going to be partners for a long time coming. “The unofficial record is that these bikes go for 300 thousand miles with minimal maintenance…”  I was seeing ourselves riding in so many, many sunsets…   Now this is a huge setback with more setbacks looming.

I have been emotional with vehicles before and it always, without fail, was a mistake. When they are dying, these metal steeds, there is nothing you can do, metal wears in a terminal way, corrosion is unstoppable and rubber seals and gaskets only live so long and all this combined makes for an irrevocable ending.

I told him I had to think about it. I was quite confused and I was sad.  I could not compute an answer just yet.  He gave me until Monday to answer.

on the right, the offending part

The next morning, (coincidence)  a friend contacted me. He owns a 2003 Suzuki VS 650 S, he has ridden it about 1000 KM per year, has maintained it meticulously and he decided he wasn’t going to keep it and that I could buy it for the cost of the repairs somewhere around $3500.

Hmmmm….  Interesting for sure as I sit there looking at my options with Beowulf  which are :

-Get it fixed.

-Don’t get it fixed and bring it and the parts home to wait until I can afford it.

-Get the bike put back together and take it home and pay $600 of labor for nothing.

In the mean time I emailed many friends who are into bikes and asked for their opinion about the repairs.

I do have a slight feeling that I might, possibly be taken advantage of in this situation or maybe this guy is not giving me one millimeter of a break…  it’s just a feeling…  from my friends comments, this 3 thousand dollars is quite high.  But hey, I do believe that things happen for a reason, and if it is how this comes to be, then the decisions I will take will be the decisions I must make and the rest of it is not my problem.

So Monday came about.  And I had made up my mind :  Put the bike back together, bring it home and try to sell it, when that is done, buy the Suzuki.   I called the mechanic, got an answering machine and left a message.  Done.  Phew…  Wow…

night view with fog

I should get Beowulf back here next week, then it will be about trying to sell it and moving on.

Ottawa sky

Unlocking, unblocking, moving ahead, moving on. Forward motion… how I miss forward motion. This whole winter holed up in an apartment on the 11th floor, watching winter go by.

This unseasonably warm March is good for the soul, 24 degrees Celsius yesterday, 21 today. The snow and ice are almost completely gone, I can dream of new rides, new RPMs and leave the past be.




3 Responses to “”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    I am feeling soooo sorry for you. I used to have a Suzuki SV650n and it was a great bike. Bulletproof engine, lots of power and because it is chain drive, no more spline problems. I’ve often dreamed about owning a BMW but they seem to have lots of these spline meltdowns and they have to be maintained all the time.

    I hope you sell Beowulf fast and be riding Beowulf2 soon, now that summer is nearly here.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Don’t feel sorry Bob, it’s an evolution. Yes the spline problem is “the” issue for the K bikes. I believe in the long run this will be a real good thing. The emotional stuff is always hard to deal with but if I remove those considerations, it feels more than OK. I am actually getting excited to get to know this new bike. A new friendship, new experience. Everyone was very supportive and complimentary about the SV 650. And for the first time I’ll have a bike that is not 27 or 21 years old! Take care my friend!

  3. qbjerry Says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog, glad 2c your still making posts !
    You’ve inspired me 2 get a bike this summer, I use2 ride 15 years ago !

    I love the post when u were at Sturgis and some1 told u they burn Suzuki’s and throw them off the cliff or something 2 that effect. Oh I laughed so hard…. (:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures, and I hope thing work out 4u so you’ll be on the road… again !!!

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