Adieu Beowulf…

March 28, 2012

Beowulf is gone.


I just helped set him up on a trailer en route to his new life. He’s going to Newfoundland. He’s going to be with family, the man who bought him has two other K75 bikes, so he won’t be alone and the person who is going to ride him is a girl named Danielle. How wild is that?


Beowulf being walked away


Everything went down quite fast.

Last week, I had it taken for the 30 K maintenance which included lubing the splines. When the mechanic opened it up he discovered the splines were seriously damaged. The cost : $3500. I could not justify that for that old of a bike. If I was able to do repairs myself it would be conceivable as it is a great bike with much life left into it.  But those BMW’s are singular machines and you better know what you’re doing if you are going to keep one or have deep pockets, I have neither at this point.


On Sunday night I put an ad online on Kijiji, Craigslist and UsedOttawa. Monday morning I had a dozen emails of interested people.  By Monday night the deal was done. Tuesday afternoon the bike was on a trailer.

I believe that when you sell something, you end up meeting like minded people. If you loved what you sell, you’ll find people with the same sort of affinity, interests, I’ve met some amazing folks via selling things. Fascinating.


So Monday night, this couple showed up. They are friends of the buyer in Newfoundland, they came to vet the bike for him. We went into the garage, I uncovered the bike, started it, they didn’t say much, it was overall a very calm affair, we exchanged motorcycle stories, BMW stories and some world views. The main comment : Nice bike.  They left about a half hour later.


They called me back about 20 minutes later to tell me that Dave in Newfoundland wanted the bike, then I got an email with an offer from Dave which was only $50 lower than the price I had asked. all of this  felt right, from the moment I read the first email. I wanted Beowulf to have a good home. I needed a specific buyer, a BMW enthusiast who was mechanically inclined and knew the K bikes. And there he was.  Perfect match

tightly secured down.


I accepted the offer.  Let it go.  Let things move on.

So today I went in the garage to fuss over this bike one more time, got the saddle bags, put them on the bike, took my stuff out the the tool compartment like my flashlight and the compressed air capsules, I put the seat back in place, moved the bike so it was easy to get out and went upstairs to get the papers ready.


I called ICBC to make sure I had all the right papers, then I called Newfoundland to see what papers I needed, got ’em together and put them in an envelope. I got the keys, put the house keys on another key chain… all sort of ordinary yet symbolic kind of thing. I waited for them to call.
They showed up, he walked the bike to the trailer… I was looking at Beowulf, that beautiful red color, the shapes, the angles, my bike… I did not really feel any powerful emotions, I noticed that lately, I used to explode one way or another, now I keep it in check. Just my stomach tightening and my jokes are a bit too loud.

Goodbye sweet red machine


The buyers asked me if I wanted a photo with Beowulf. I declined. I don’t want to see my face at this moment immortalized on a photo.


So the deal was done, a big piece of metal against a small paper envelope. So life goes on planet Earth.


Onward you go.

Right now I’m sitting in a cafe, I’m feeling slightly dislocated but at the same time I know all is good. There is another ride waiting for me, right around the corner, something that will be more suitable for my size and use. Something fast and sweet. But still, those metal machines are like horses, you develop a relationship, a partnership and to see a partner go after so many adventures has quite an impact.

Adieu my German machine, it took some doing to get used to your ways, then you took me on this wild ride from March to October, from San Dimas to Ottawa, often being my only stability when things became very uncertain.  I could count on you.  Thank you.  Thank you for landing in my life when you did.  Big thanks to the universe, to the forces that made us connect and that are now separating us.  I trust the adventure will continue.


6 Responses to “Adieu Beowulf…”

  1. Erikakw Says:

    I too say goodbye to Beowolf

  2. bobskoot Says:


    I feel so sad & Happy at the same time, the losing of your friend, your partner . . . the memories. I can’t believe it is going to a new Danielle.

    It seems things are working out

    take care
    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. SonjaM Says:

    Now it is a goodbye, and hopefully rather sooner than later, a new hello. I know the feeling well, it is always weird to give up stuff that is important and has brought so many dear memories.

  4. circleblue Says:

    So often the Flow of Life seems so impersonal. It just is what it is. We live and make our way through it. But, every so often there is a moment when the Flow of Life reveals that it does indeed take a personal interest in us. The discovery that Beowulf will be going to another Danielle seems like just such a moment. Actually, from what I gather from your comments about Beowulf coming into your life in the first place; this whole series of events may have been an embrace from Life itself reminding you, you are part of that Flow and not a part from it.

    Along with Sonja I suspect there is a new, “Hello,” not very well hidden in this particular “goodbye.”

    Ride on.
    Circle Blue

  5. Ben Says:

    I am sure Beowulf is in good hands. Glad he has a new home.

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