New ride : Suzuki SV 650 S

April 2, 2012

The new ride…


my Suzuki SV 650 S

Well, I love it.


I would not let myself believe it was going to materialize until it happened. It was a strange thing for me. Usually I would get so excited, thinking,  jumping,  talking, sharing, bubbling over like a shaken can of Sprite. But not this time. I’ve noticed that over the last months, I am not as readily extroverted as I used to be.  I don’t know if it’s good or bad… for some people I guess it make me less of a wild bronco to handle…  but somehow I did not want to jinx or create something that would change the direction of the Force.  I guess I am in a much more conservative place than I am used to…  did not want to ruffle feathers…

So Saturday morning we went to see the bike.  I wasn’t even sure if this was just going to be a meet and greet thing or if we were going to go all the way and I was going to take my new baby home (!)  So I had taken my helmet and jacket and left them in the trunk of the car in case all went well.  I was strongly hoping for that.


In the morning light, black, copper, silver

We arrived on time and there it was.  Parked in the driveway with a black sun bleached bike cover.  I was feeling tremulous.   Almost shy.  We pulled off the cover and had a look.  It’s beautiful, the aluminum frame, the copper color, and the black accents.  It shines in the morning sun.  It’s simple, no extra things, beautiful lines.  It has been really well cared for, even all the warning stickers are still on the bike!  It only has 9000 KM on it.  Everything is stock and original, even the tires and brake pads.


The owner started it. the  Bzzzzt! sound from the injection system  instantly reminds me of Little Blue, Ozzy’s Buell XB 9 back in California.  The engine sounds good.  It has the original exhaust system so it’s very quiet and I like that.  Beowulf was actually quite loud and I always had to wear ear plugs so this is another plus.   We lowered the seat by softening the suspension, backed it up near the road….

Finally I took it for a ride.  The owner is warning me about the zippyness of this thing.  “Go easy on the throttle, it will accelerate in a hurry.  I’ve ridden nervous machines before so I know what he means.  I will go easy, a new machine is a bit like a new horse, you gotta make friends first.

Let go of the clutch, forward motion.  Wow.  I love it already.  The foot pegs are high up, it feels just perfect.  I go around the block of a residential area, so I did not go past 2nd gear but I’m sold.  I was sold as soon as I saw it.


The next step was to go get the licensing process done so we went to a Service Ontario office, took a number : 56 and waited. The line was big but somehow we did not wait very long. The lady who helped us was beyond efficient. Within minutes we were done, taxes paid, papers signed and now my next step was to get the bike “safety checked” before getting a permanent sticker for my plate. But I could ride it in the mean time.

So there I was : new plate and papers in hand, ownership transferred, money paid for taxes and for the bike….  As we head out of that office it finally happened, I burst out:”OH MY GOD!!!  IT’S HAPPENING!!!”  and I did a little jump and stomp, smiling from ear to ear.  My friends are looking at me and they’re smiling too.  I think the owner is quite glad to see his bike go to someone who will really enjoy it.  It’s a good moment.


We then went back to the bike, put the new plates on


Today I went to get the safety check done. A $50 formality where they check all the main components of the bike for safety. It passed.  I will need to get new rubber within a thousand KM. But otherwise all is well.

To go back home I took the highway, I hit 100 KM per hour for the first time. Yeah, slow stuff but as I said I’m into taking my time with a new machine, get to feel how it responds and all before opening things up but I can tell you that I got to bank it on the on ramp and it promises some exciting stuff for future rides.


It is hard to explain but in an inscrutable way, it is as if some part of me came back to life. Those two short rides I took brought back this feeling in my heart, sparked my soul in a way I had forgotten.  How to explain?  Those who ride know exactly what I mean.  It’s like reconnecting into timelessness, being on, alive, fully, right here and now.  Being outside time and space in some sort of ultra-present state.  To fly, unburdened, weightless.  To be free of gravity on this earth.  To un-be the body and become the electron, the particle in this world of energy.


hello to you too!



10 Responses to “New ride : Suzuki SV 650 S”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    I feel your energy, I feel your enthusiasm and your freedom. I used to have a SV650n (standard not sport) and I just loved it. That V-twin engine is smooth and has lots of power. It is Fuel Injected and reliable. It was meant to be, you were destined to be its master. Again life has been kind to you, and I am glad.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    ps: I can feel your smile from here

  2. Danielle Says:

    Glad you found a new baby! Looks nice.

  3. David Walker Says:

    You is some wild woman Danielle

  4. Brady Says:


    Looking good, there is nothing quite as satisfying as bringing home a new machine. Some things come close, I think, I even hear babies are something special, but I know bikes, and it’s a great feeling.

    Enjoy it! Looks like it should be up for just about everything. I wonder if that foot peg position will be good for long trips?

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

    • Hey, I checked your blog, very cool stuff! Behind bars! what a great name.

      It was very special, it still is. I feel reborn… I cleaned it up and lubed the chain yesterday, it’s starting to be mine… Thanks for writing!


  5. Whatever Says:


    I just passed 35K on the Piglet and she still sounds so purdy… yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww… Danielle’s got a brand new bag… Now I need to see some matching leathers… and maybe a black and white photo shoot?

    Love and miss you,

    • Yeah, the Piglet! Glad to hear that she’s still roaring!

      Matching leathers… well, I’ll need some matching cash to do that! I was thinking helmet! Icon has a really nice one… but if we do black and white photos, it won’t matter if the colors don’t match!

      Love you too girl… miss you much…

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