Life goes on

April 11, 2012

To ride or not to ride

To live and ride

Live and let ride or Ride and let live


I felt the wind hit my face, a stream of air coming from the gap between my helmet and my chin. I smiled.


What is this? Why is it so damn vital?


Maybe I and my fellow rider friends come from some far away race in a distant galaxy who were “Riders”.  Maybe they rode some mighty animal or impossibly fast and nimble machines through the Universe?  Maybe it is an heritage that we are carrying in our long lost memories?


I don’t mind anything when I ‘m on two wheels, my world can fall apart around me and I’ll still find a way to paste a smile on my face. To take that deep breath the fills me with ultimate well being. To tell myself “Peace” while all the idiots, the blind, the selfish, the harried, the angry, the self entitled can swear, threaten, speed, cut three lanes, pass on the right, tail gate, slow to a crawl and I am just fine.


How to explain that I could plan my future on the one fact that “here I could ride all year ’round.”


So here we are, April 10, yeah, 4 months into this 2012 year already. I’ve been floating it seems for months. Winter was like a coma of sorts. Now it seems I have until October to make something happen. After that it gets harder, more terminal.


There has been some good things happening, my album is actually progressing, I’ve been waiting for so long, it has been hard. Get your hopes up, then slowly losing focus and hope and patience over the whole endlessness. I am working with someone now to plan the release and every time we discuss it’s exciting but when that is over, I still can’t quite believe anything will ever happen. In a way it’s better, there are no expectations. But in another way, it’s not so good because you’re either stuck in the past, waiting, unable to move forward.   Waiting kills inspiration and doingness.  that is bad for a creator.


I’ve been attending quite a few music events, conferences, and workshops since last fall. Just about a month ago I was in Toronto for the Canadian Music Week getting my head filled to the gills with someone’s opinion on what it takes to succeed. These are interesting times in the industry. I learn more everyday, like the fact that most of the artists from the major labels from 35 years ago will start regaining the rights they gave away when they signed their recording contracts. Which could mean that the major labels could lose most of the source of catalog income, which is a huge shift. That could also mean that the speed of changes we’ve been witnessing might yet accelerate some more.

For those interested, I got this little booklet from Tunecore called “Music Industry Survival Manual. I would recommend it to all the musicians-artists slugging it out there.


For one, all your creator’s rights are listed, how they work, how you collect them, how you’re getting ripped off. Then there is a chapter about how to approach the industry, build your own little industry, where the revenue streams are. Yeah, revenue streams and monetizing your songs are two big, popular lines these days. check if that is relevant to you.


And… I had applied months ago to the Petite Vallée songwriting camp in June. I applied then promplty forgot about it. Well, last week I got an email inviting me to an audition in Montreal at Radio Canada Sunday April 15. I was practically in shock! Then the email said I was going to get a call… I was tremulous about that. I mean, for me to be ‘accepted’ and to be part of something in this part of the world is kind of … profound for me. So I got on the phone with Nelson Minville and he told me immediately how much they loved the music, the lyrics and the recording, how impressed they were!!! Wow. I was just blown away.
So I will go and play 4 songs to earn myself a spot for this two week dream songwriting camp. I had been thinking that maybe I could write another French project, this intensive would be ideal to ignite the process. They have some of the best instructors, coaches, artists to support us for two weeks. There will be performances too and the camaraderie of other writers. The place is located in Gaspésie, by the Atlantic ocean, an old character home turned auberge, a brand new concert room, and … the wind. So wish me luck.


If that happens it will help shape my next few months. This takes place at the end of June beginning of July, then I have shows in Winnipeg in late July and I`m still hoping to hop in Vancouver… and if the CD does get done I`ll probably prepare for a fall release…

I`ve also procured myself a permit to play in the Byward Market in Ottawa. That is something I want to experience. Go and busk.

In the mean time I bought some chain lube for the bike, got the missing cable to be able to plug in my heated vest (it`s still pretty cold around here, especially when the sun is not there) I just froze last Saturday coming back from Montreal… brrrrr!!!! so now I can plug in that heated vest and crank it!


I also bought some cleaner, I had forgotten the mess with chains! The BMW had a shaft drive, no mess but not as much fun!

Last week I had coffee with a friend, she looked at me in the eyes and said : “You’reso lucky, you get to ride a motorcycle… You’re so lucky you have love in your life… You’re so lucky you can play an instrument and sing… You’re so lucky you can do sculpture…” And it was so crystal clear. I was reminded that we chose everything we do. We have the power to make our lives what they are. And yes, I am so damned lucky. I must continue dreaming and imagining. Continue creating, forging.

And riding.






2 Responses to “Life goes on”

  1. David Walker Says:

    I love to hear these kinds of things from and about you Danielle. Daughter of the wind.

  2. bobskoot Says:


    richness isn’t always measured in money. you have friends, and it seems like your chance is coming

    the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping. It’s a new season . . . a new beginning . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast // My Flickr

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