On the road, for real

July 2, 2012

On the road, for real.

June 30th,

I have left Ottawa.


I now sit at a campsite in North Bay. People around are on holidays, playing, having fun, enjoying life. Next to me are 3 young guys in their 20’s, they left Montreal this morning, on motorcycles, they are going across the country. On my fore-left side is a big group, adults, children, grand parents, dogs, they are playing a game I’ve never seen; they throw a pair of balls attached by a rope onto wooden ladders. They are having a grand time. I watch from camping spot  number 33, in the back corner. There is music playing, right now the Rolling Stones. I’m slightly blue, a bit lost, relieved, sad and calm. I am dying to meditate. I did not have time this morning.


the camp site

I now hear the group singing Happy Birthday to Kyle, out of tune, with whoooo’s at the end. They clap and holler…


This morning came fast as I did not sleep much. Alarm. 9 oclock. Time to go. Within minutes I am ready. I’ve been getting ready for this morning for the last 10 days… interesting how my life seems to be split in 10 day slices lately…   I grab all my bags and get to the underground garage. There is so much stuff on the bike… too much I think.  I don’t like stuff!   I finally get it all on there. I will have to cull some of this down the road, I’m already deciding what will get the axe after the shows.


Before leaving town I still have a few stops, a  meeting with a friend, stop a the studio to drop off the keys, It’s been a while since I’ve had the bike loaded like this and having to park it and leave it into the hands of the Gods or the witches, depending on who I invoke to protect it.  I feel slightly concerned, then I decide it will be OK.
I get all my errands done then I put on the leathers, check all the bungees and the tightness of this mountain of stuff and head out for the highway.

Oh the leathers… that too I have not been wearing in town, it’s too hot and inconvenient for running around town, but on the highway they are so perfect.  It reminds me of wearing leather boots to ride horses, nothing compares.  I am glued to the bike, the leather does such a perfect job of shielding one from the wind and weather.


It feels good to be on the road. It’s a long week-end so there are lots of cars and most people are not in a hurry, I’m not either. It is also strange to track back this road that I took almost a year ago to the day. That last year was so unexpected, so not what I had in mind…  A battle of contradictions, of good and bad, of love and love gone.  Of discoveries.  Lessons come in formats we don’t always expect, or want, but they come and one must surrender to learning or keep being slapped in the face.


The smells are amazing, it is the height of the season in terms of flowers and greenery, in places they are haying and that  is heavenly. I cross a river called the Mississippi river… yeah, way up here…  Wild roses…  Oh to be on a motorcycle…

This is my first long trip with the Suzuki, I was wondering if I was going to be comfortable, with the race bike configuration and I found out that I am. I am enjoying the ride very much. The bike is also fresh off a major tune up, plugs, fluids, front forks, speedo and horn were broken, both are now fixed, air filter, idle adjustment. The mechanic found a couple of hoses that had been disconnected, I suspect that was the doings of  this Harley mechanic who fixed my ignition switch a while back while totally hating on my bike… he was so grumpy… he is the only one who had his hands on the bike… reconnecting those fixed really bad smells and a leakage issue.

I don’t want to be judgmental but now I am a firm believer that one has to stick with the mechanics who do their brands of  bikes. There is no cross pollination between street bikes, BMW’s and Harley mechanics. The “racism” between them all is so thick you are liable to end up with major mechanical issues if you do dare…

But now Arkadash runs superbly. I really enjoy how nimble the bike is and the lightness. I thought I`d be more fatigued on this bike but in the end, with this bike, the shoulder strain I felt on the BMW has disappeared. Yes it vibrates more, and there is no windshield to speak of but I don`t have an issue with that. The only thing right now that is not great is the luggage system. When it gets very windy and I go over 100 KM per hour there is a shudder that happens. I think I will try to invest in a hard case system in the near future. If the shows are good in Winnipeg I might be able to do that.

there was a little river running a few steps from the campground

Back at the campground here, the moskitoes are out in droves. It`s crazy. There are no moskitoes in Ottawa… I tried to play guitar but I am literally getting eaten alive. I have to retreat in the tent… the tent is too small… I feel almost claustrophobic in there…  yeah, another thing I should really upgrade, plus I don’t even know if it is rain proof… so I pray for no rain… Nevertheless, I lied down in my coffin like tent and started to meditate, I did so for an hour and forgot about the tent.


Arkadash, with part of the luggage…

Then my neighbors started to get louder, the music too. The clinks of beer bottles is audible, the children have gone to sleep, there is less chatter but it’s louder. I sigh.

I went out for a walk. The guy at the reception said that the moskitoes were gone after 10 PM. That was a lie… I walked by the lake, the moon made a magical appearance for me. Glowing so bright racing with the big fat while and black clouds, there are stars in the sky. It is gorgeous.


I went back to the tent, went to sleep. Tomorrow I head for Sault Ste Marie.


and Leo is still with me



9 Responses to “On the road, for real”

  1. So pleased, Danielle, you are on the road again. You have been much on my mind reading your blogs as I walked 16,000 miles around the USA. Have a feeling of bumping into you again…hope so.

    • Oh Bruce, so good to hear from you. I realized I never replied to your last email, there was much going on. if all goes according to my wishes, maybe we will meet, let me know where you are right now. Hugs

  2. SonjaM Says:

    On the road again. I wonder where it will take you. Ride safe!

  3. Asbjorn Says:

    On the road! It’s been too long.
    Enjoy the travels, the scents, the moods of nature and the moving on.


    • Hey Asbjorn,
      finally hit over 100 MPH with the Zook. Finally had curves in the road today. Oh how theraputic. Yes, the moving on, and on. I am thankful for all the help that came my way and allowed this to take place. see you soon.

  4. Charlotte Says:


  5. bobskoot Says:


    I know you like the freedom of the road, the stars, the moon and quietness to meditate even though it was too loud at the campsite. sometimes people are so inconsiderate of others.

    take it easy, slow down and arrive safely

    Riding the Wet Coast

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