Mission: the quest for jeans

July 6, 2012

Is it July 6th already?  Woah. Time gets weird when you travel, days disappear or they suddenly appear out of nowhere. As if we can here and there slip out of the continuum.
I’m feeling human again. Rested.  There is much I have to do for the upcoming shows. Promote, get gear,  organize rehearsals, players, schedule, travel plans and all those little details. It’s on the to do list for today.


But before all this, I had to go on a quest. Remember I mentioned losing all my clothes? Well, in that clothes bag was a brand new pair of jeans that I really, really liked. I mean, finding the right jeans is a tremendous achievement and I had managed that almost by accident, I had walked into an outlet store, a Tommy Hilfiger of all things, the kind of store I usually never, ever approach. I had just walked in nonchalantly with my friend Fazilet, decided to try on a pair and OMG they were perfect. Thick denim, not that spandex filled, thin with the fake fade and wear kind of denim. The real thing… and the price had been right, they were on sale so I got them. Now they lay somewhere between North Bay and Winnipeg along the 17, or someone filched them accumulating bad Karma in the process…

Full of hope,  I jumped on the bike and crossed all the way across town to where Google maps said there was a Tommy Hilfiger store.


I get in this area and it’s store galore. A huge mall covering acres and acres of land. Everything from Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Safeway, Wall Mart, Adidas, Roots and Tommy all this basking in miles of spacious parking lots.  Shopping (heaven-hell).

All the way to the end I had to go to find the store.  I could hardly believe it was I actually there.  I walked in the store with crossed fingers.


“Hi there, can I help you?” said the bearded salesman.


“Yes, I’m looking for these jeans… I lost all my clothes on the road and I had purchased those jeans here, straight leg, thick denim..”


“Well we have this…” He gave me a pair and it looked wrong, wide legs, thin denim… I figured I’d give it a try. I did and they were wrong. There was a knock on the fitting room door. A woman’s voice.


“I got these, slim leg, they look better than those wider legs.” I opened the door and got the jeans and tried them on. Nope. Waist is too low. Can’t wear those on the bike, major air intake… and the fabric was thin…


I came out looking for the sales girl. I found her.

“Those are not the right ones… the jeans I lost had a thicker denim , the waist a little higher…” She walked over the jean racks again and she started to look in earnest into a section we had not checked so far.  I touched them, yes, this is the right fabric…  could it be?  These look like the right ones… thick, really well stitched…


“I got lots of size 2… size 10…”


“Here we go! Size 4!”


for the record : I’m not a size 4. In real life I am an 8 but these stores have worked out this vanity thing where you can say you’re an 8 if you are a 14 and a 4 if you are an 8… Anything to make the girls feel better.


I go in the fitting room, full of hope. I slide them on… YES!!  That’s it!  I’m laughing out loud. Giddy.  My quest is a successful one!


I went to pay for them, the price was even better than when I bought them the first time. I told the girl : “You SO made my day!!! Thank you!!!”


She replied :

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost my favorite pair of jeans!”


I went back to the bike smiling very wide. Kind of silly but still pretty cool. At least I now have pants to wear for my shows!


I’m wondering if I should buy a couple of extra pairs and stash them somewhere just in case… but one has to trust in fate and in the unfolding of life without worrying about this sort of thing. In time answers will appear. One has to  just trust.


2 Responses to “Mission: the quest for jeans”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    you would look great in any pair of jeans. I’m glad you managed to find what you were looking for.

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  2. This episode gave my soul a smile. I do so love moments of serendipity (the first pair, being found) and, for a lack of a better word, grace (the finding of the replacement.

    Enjoy! And, I suspect you are correct, buying a couple of extra pairs would be a tempting of fate.

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