the last week in images

July 8, 2012

Here are some images, I had not had any time to get them ready… here we go..


finished a couple of sculptures


saying goodbye to the studio and Ottawa


North Bay, first night’s camp


the view down the little trail


campfire in Sault Ste Marie


the Go guitar on the go in Sault Ste Marie


Arkadash resting in Sault Ste Marie


the Long House backpacker’s hostel in Shuniah, outside of Thunder Bay. Go there! they are great!


a fellow backpacker at the hostel pond


he’s a good looking fellow


in Winnipeg, all bikes hang out together


another night, another fire, much mosquitoes. They won that night


I was invited to a family party on the prairie


the kids had constant fun


a storm came and poured water on us, but it did not dampen the spirits


we retreated in the shed


a couple of rainbows came


while we were having fun


the rain stopped and it was time for the “hay” ride


we were pulled by a 1930’s John Deere


an ancient machine who did not really want to start


but it did, and we went out in the field


and the spirits were light and the land was lush


then we had to turn around and go back


some got off, some went out for more


the sun came down and the clouds gave us a show


360 degrees of wonder


I could not stop taking photos


then we went into town


didn’t get to see too much but I will come back for more


Yes, of course


we then went to hear some latin music and went home afterwards.


2 Responses to “the last week in images”

  1. francoise moulin Says:

    J’ai adore voir tes photos. Super!!!! Bisous

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