12, 07, 12

July 13, 2012




I just finished a heavy duty practice session, I got to the point that my fingers refused to take any more orders from their tyrannical master.  Things are starting to click musically.  


I’m getting there, got the French set figured out, the gigs I am doing are all French but today I got a call from the presenter in Laurier, for the Saturday show and he asked me:


Do you play in English”


This can be a tricky question, some people ask this as to say “you better NOT play songs in English!” Some might ask as “I need some English material to make everyone happy in my audience…”


So I replied : “ I can, I only prepared a French set list as that was the requirement but I certainly can if it is needed.”


Yes, this question can be tricky” he laughed, “We have English people coming to the show…”  His voice is so gentle.  I seem to notice a lot of folks around here are so gentle, they don’t talk loud, brashly, they listen a lot.  Their French is also of a unique color.  They have different expressions, a different flow, rhythm.  It is fascinating.  They seem to come from another time and place and I’m glad that they are.  


Well I know how to handle that English-French duality issue and that made me happy because some of the songs I really like to play happen to be in English… and so that means more happiness all around, on and off stage.


This place is about 3 hours West of Winnipeg, it’s our farthest show of the 5 but it will be well worth the trip. The man is a designer and chef. He has taken the old family house and remodeled it, he will be cooking for us and I’ve been told his food, hospitality and the beauty of the place are outstanding.


I was also informed that we need to do two sets with a break in the middle because at the break we will all eat cake… it’s the cake break, for “cake made by a chef” break, who wouldn’t stop playing for that?

This trip, experience, will be, I believe, something that will be filed into the outstanding moments category.  




After the call from Laurier, I got a call from “La Liberté » one of the oldest if not the oldest French newspaper in Western Canada, it was founded in 1913 by a Monseigneur Langevin. They wanted to do an interview about the tour. From his words I realized that the journalist wanted to do this one the phone… Yuk. Phone interview?  Nah, boring.  I pushed a little bit…


Oh, I can meet you downtown?  Where are you located?”


I am in St Boniface… I’m new here too so I’m not sure where to go for a meeting … Do you have the bike?”


Of course, I always have the bike…”


 I could take photos…  OK, then”


We discussed a bit and picked a meeting point on Albert street for 2 PM.

I rode down there, I’m starting to find my way around this town.  The Exchange District, is really amazing. All the old buildings have been pretty much preserved, the streets have these unexpected courses, at angles, not your usual grid, more like an old European design. Cobble stones, bricks and a lot of character all around.

There were severe storm warnings for Winnipeg but I took the chance anyways, it didn’t feel like anything dangerous was coming, I know I could be wrong, I’m not from ’round here and I could mis-read the sky but off I was.


We met and went to a cafe, he set up his I Phone and I saw the little microphone logo… wow, times have changed! So amazing. I remember people bringing tape machines, then DAT machines, then digital recorders…. now it’s someone’s phone.


I had not done an interview in a while, when you do a lot you start to have your story or stories lined up, organized. He was interning at the newspaper, a student from Sherbrooke University in Quebec, so he was fairly green at all this so he did not have his lines organized either, which kind of worked.


I meandered through past, future and now, spirituality, music business, travel, my past albums, where I might be headed… it was… like a trip. At one point his eyes were a bit wide and he says :

“This is different than the other artist’s interviews I’ve done… it’s kind of cool…”


I had to laugh. I don’t know what it would be like to listen to me as a 22 years old… A crazy woman coursing the continent on a motorcycle, pushed by the winds of fate, who plays guitar and sings here and there when she can while condoning meditation and speaking of her unpredictable path pondering if she’ll turn right or left when she’ll leave Winnipeg in a couple of weeks.


We must have been at it for a large hour. We said goodbye and I went to the music store. My guitar tuner broke in two and I needed some picks so I headed to Long & Mc Quade, which used to be “my” music store in Vancouver, I had buddies there, I got good deals and was treated really well. In this store no deals were to be had

We haven’t seen your face often enough.” the salesman said. Fair enough. The guy had actually lived in Vancouver and left in the late 80’s when the real estate prices went out the roof as he had a child, a family. Many did leave at that time and after that…  but even that did not soften the price tags..

I am really looking forward to start playing these shows.  I really want to plunge into doing something kind of consistent or at least hope to do so.  These last months, since April actually life has given me my share of action and reactions with a Break-up,  a broken heart, homelessness, instability, some wonderful creative sculpture time, New amazing friends like Lisa, meditative bliss, job search-interviews-getting the job, new bike, soul sister dying, mom in the hospital, health issues,  packing my stuff, emptying the art studio, selling things and setting out on the road to land here now.

I wonder if it is the ultimate “live in the moment” experience.  Maybe this is where I have to rise and shine.  Have faith.  Trust and just be.   If anything, over the last 6 months I chastise myself for not having totally plunged and accepted what was given to me, plunged and embraced all that was there without any conditional thoughts, without fear. All of that isn’t clear at all yet.  Too much emotion still.    But right now, I don’t want to look back to this very moment in time and see that I wasn’t brave.  That I wasn’t fearless and forward moving.  That I wasn’t all that I can be.  


One Response to “12, 07, 12”

  1. Danielle Liard Says:

    Don’t worry about being fearless or not, fear is part of human emotions, and last i heard you hadn’t turned into an alien yet. 🙂 Manitoba tour sounds fascinating. xx

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