Sometimes the road takes you to magical places, Part 2

July 17, 2012

At Lucien’s nothing is quite what you could imagine.

I had been told it was special, I tried to imagine special but I could not imagine this because it’s so unique, it is HIS vision, roots, imagination, it is a reflection of his history, mythology, sensibilities.

Before the show I had a bit of time to kill.  I figured I should take a nap because I had not slept enough the night before, I laid back on the bed for about 2.5 minutes then I thought that I could not possibly stay here in this room as nice as it was when all this stuff of Lucien’s, his creations his world, were awaiting my peering eyes to express all of what they are.


So I took the camera, not the phone, the camera with this lens I like so much (it’s just a little Sony point and shoot but we get along) and headed outside.

There are flowers, the civilized type, in boxes around the house




I love these blue expressive flowers


They smile at me.   I smile back.


A wood pile that is art in itself


But next to the flowers there are all sorts of materials, a wood stove, sink, upside down footed cast iron tub, they could easily be christened junk but no, here they are actors awaiting their turn on the stage.  They lie in wait, rehearsing their lines.


fire me up…


the foot of a tub


But the sun was still out, calling, so I walked outside of the protective circle of the trees on to the road.


I got to see some of the local sports venues, Curling…


… tire burning…


It’s around 7 PM or so and the sun is still high on the horizon.  Everything is basking into this blue-gold vibrancy.  I’ve noticed that even the plainest of shirts comes to life under this light, they are redeemed,  Nature glows in all it’s mid-summer glory.

almost human


prairie cliche


vectors crossing


wood from a barn that will become the house’s protective shell


Then I approached the grasses.  I had not seen such tall grass in quite a long time, in places it’s almost as high as I am.  They were glorious.  Free, unhindered, expressing their beingness and beauty without any shame.  They said : we are this land, we are, look at us shining in the sun.


in every phase of life, beauty radiates


more, more


rise to the light


… but they are weeds!


…weed, Oh glorious weed


you shine like gold and dance in the wind

intermingled green and gold, life and death, planet earth you carry us


Three brothers


we are giants




and the last one


I could have roamed the field and the area endlessly.  The light is changing every few minutes and every plant, every object shows a different personality.

I’ve been wondering lately what my purpose is, maybe it’s about seeing the beauty in this world. Goodness. Peace.  All of this all the more moving as the impermanence of each thing, plant, person is made so obvious.  Because winter awaits it’s turn, even now, I feel it’s presence, it’s patience.  It will get deathly cold and all of this will return to the earth.

My moments here an incredible blessing, time swells, I bask in it, grateful.






















2 Responses to “Sometimes the road takes you to magical places, Part 2”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    I don’t know you do it, how you can just stumble into such a magical place without even trying . . . an oasis in the middle of no where.

    I’m also loving that outdoor shower . . . I would travel there just to try it out

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

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