Sometimes the road takes you to magical places Part 3, final

July 19, 2012

yeah, so all this stuff, it all came together because of a house.


There was a family, they arrived from the States to Manitoba and settled there.  I ask you to forgive me for forgetting the names and places… I am terrible with names… but here is a sketch of what brought us to today.


The people who started this


They built a first house and started a family there.


the first house in the background and Lucien’s forefathers in the front


the first house


But that house became too small and they built the first version what is now Lucien’s family home.  At one point the house was moved.  What you see the house moved by a bulldozer across the land.


first move


From there, the family grew and lived in this house, the family history deepened.  I don’t have all the details but at one point, Lucien took possession of the house and moved it again to where it is now.  He then started a quest.  He had a vision and that vision grew and still grows.  He now has been working on this project for 18 years I believe.

from the road you get a peek of the third floor


from the front


from the back


The scaffolding wrap themselves around the structure like dream catchers, Lucien’s dream.  When he gives you the tour, he explains every detail, what will be here, the porch that will be built, where the music will take place, where guests will come and enjoy a feast.  Listening to his words one can build, dress up in his mind and see where this is all going, and we want to go there.  But more than the outside, the inside of the house is filled with art and things of all provenance.   Like this stove.

the wood stove


This was the family wood stove that Lucien’s mom used to cook with.  The stove had been sold, years ago, for a more modern unit.  It went from hand to hand until Lucien tracked it down.  He bought back for $100 and brought it back in the house where it belonged.

church decorations


Lucien told us that he has been rescuing things for a long time, these plaques come from a church that was demolished when Lucien was a teenager, it was his first rescue and they now are displayed in the living room.


One of the many sculptures found in nooks and crannies in the walls


the Toledo scale


This scale was dropped off by a friend who had been at an auction, it sits proudly in the kitchen.

the many, many plates


the kitchen is kind of the heart of the house, Lucien is a chef and he does cook for parties, weddings, any event that takes place.  We got to see a portfolio of wedding cakes that just blew our minds.  Huge multi-level affairs, animal cakes, cello cakes, cakes with translucent maple leaves make of sugar, it was impressive.

the kitchen




getting ready for dinner


found in the wall


an old toy


some dead flowers, they too had poetry in them


try to guess… it’s the ceiling fan.


from the hall


Another stunning factor with this house is the light.  It comes in blue, I don’t know how he did it but the light is never directly glaring at you, but omnipresent.


My guitar was at home in this home


the candelabra with branches instead of crystals


another little detail


In this place Lucien is surrounded by his history, his family.  He’s also surrounded by imagination and magic.  As a stranger this place was instantaneously home.  I will remember this forever.  I hope I can return one day, maybe I’ll get to feel the wood stoves burn, the sun on the snow or whichever wonder that can be found in any season.

Thank you for this heaven on earth, for giving others so much soul, for allowing artists to express themselves and share what they do.  For this magnificent place out of time and out of the expected into the extraordinary.



















One Response to “Sometimes the road takes you to magical places Part 3, final”

  1. Danielle Liard Says:

    I ate a meal once from a stove just like that one, owned by my great uncle who lived up in the Laurentians, in St-Didace. It served to heat the house as well. Lovely piece of work.

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