Time to go.

July 31, 2012

A guitar, a voice, a motorcycle.
My heart and soul.
A path to course on.


time and space,
wants and fears.


Men and women twirling


Wills and voids,
dreams and silences.


The road calls.


Manitoba road


It’s time.


All possibilities lay right here right now at this very moment.
The commitment has not been made and the open space is limitless.

The happenstances have not happened yet but are about to.


The full tank, clean fluids, the levels,
all systems inspected and ready.
Check the load, tie, wrap, zip, tuck, secure.


Sunset reflections


It will be hot.

Where will I sleep?

What will I see?

Will the rain drench us?

Or will the sun try to dessicate us?

Will it be right or left?

Right or wrong?


Hunger for the upcoming full moon pulls, attracts me.
Will I see her face looming over me?
Will I feel her energy possess me, take me, own me?



The money in a pocket close to the heart, the many tanks to fill.


Will the curves accept my two wheels?


One instant so small, another so huge.


In my mind the notes resonate still, the faces looking up, bodies swaying with the rhythms I provided, so grateful I am for this chance I had to give, to be, what I am.
Minstrel. Simple, generous, willing.


The child


In my mind the summerest of summer days I spent here in Manitoba, hot, sweaty, gleaming light bringing the shyest color to life for all to see and bask in, they glow, amazing. The grasses, the endless horizon and in those wide lonely spaces, communities holding the forts of their history and survival against the remorseless winds and erosion.




Time to go, the job is done.
Time to go.
Time to follow the ribbon of road via its folds and ripples.


My heart quivers a bit.

The loneliness is at the edge still.

Still, I miss him, still.

Slight whimper.

The dismemberment.

Leaves me stumbling, still.

But what else can I do?

But continue.

Follow the contours of my fate.

Accept the beauty.








4 Responses to “Time to go.”

  1. bobskoot Says:


    I wish you a safe journey where ever the road leads you. kindness & generosity seems to find you and I hope it finds you again

    ride safe & take care of yourself

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  2. David Walker Says:

    Beautiful poetry dearest Danielle. I am reminded in light of your break up of the Doors song, strange. As a male i remember how ‘women seem wicked when you are unwanted’. Obviously not the same for you but, in spite of the emptiness, it was not what it appeared to be. I am relieved. Love, David

  3. Danielle Liard Says:

    Fly, Pegasus, fly! Which way does the road lead? Only time will tell.

    Much love,


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