August 4th and 5th, smooth sailing.

August 7, 2012

wild flowers in Montana


the stream running a little ways from my campsite



we are dirty


The morning of August 4th I took my time to pack up things. Meditated then left, taking the dirt road the other way towards the highway. I rode pretty much all day going through what some would call nowhere but it sure was beautiful. It was a lone road, with the Montana skies in the background, some funny signs and the joy or riding Arkadaş.

a sport bike in the wilderness

Interestingly enough, as much as I was going like a banshee through Ontario, as much as I’ve kept my speed very reasonable. I don’t think I’ve gone over 130 km/hr and that was only once or twice.  I’ve been saying it over and over but these roads, the space, the land… I’ve been filled with a deep sense of peace.  Not that everything is healed but I’m out here, I’m alive, I’ve got some plans, some ideas, but mostly all this beauty fills me up.  Like a cleansing of the mind.

I couldn’t have done it without all the help I got…  K for helping me get the bike, H for helping me later, Sam, Steve, Ozzy,  Mom (she bought my tires among other things (love you xxx) Melonai & Davidian, Lisa at the Y who brought the dream back to life, Fazilet, Ceren, Ilyas for giving me a home when I was totally homeless.  And I’m likely forgetting others and I apologize, my brain is really unreliable sometimes when it comes to remembering things..

I’m truly never alone.  I know you are with me, following me,  I love you.  Here, there, close by, far away, my heart holds you all close by even if my body isn’t right there.


the gravel road back to the highway


Looks like wisdom won…


Hmm I wonder what they worship?


By the end of day I found myself in Idaho, a bit regretful to leave Montana.. I will come back, I have to… but I was suddenly rewarded with an very curvy, twisty freshly paved mountain side of a road. I arrived at the bottom of the hill needing gas and saw this station in North Fork and stopped. The place was new, clean, people looked sharp, I paid for the gas and asked the cashier :

“You got good food here?”

“Yes we do!”

So I decided to take a chance and eat there. The menu looked good. I sat at the counter. There was an older lady sitting there, Bern, her name, we ended up chatting for a good hour while my food (trout almondine!) came and it was delicious. I was so excited to eat something good for a change!!


at the Forks, If you find yourself there, do stop.

They had campsites there,so I decided to stay.  I lubed the bike chain, I’ve been really good about that. I wish I could wash it but it would take a few things I don’t have right now to do a good job so it will have to wait.  Then I took a shower and that was SO good.


I took out the Go guitar and realized I really wanted-needed to play. It was all good until I inadvertently started playing a piece I had written for K.  And it all came rushing back.  I put the guitar down and watched the moon come over the mountains.


She was lopsided, she was a Van Goh moon with it’s ear cut off, looking to the left with that expression in her eyes. Orangey. Beautiful. I hear a few frogs, a river running a few meters away, the Salmon River.  I was hoping to sleep under the moon but I had to set up the tent, too many mosquitoes.


The next morning, Sunday Morning, I woke up, got up, packed up, then went for breakfast. It was as hoped : delicious again.  I met another local with whom I had another great conversation. He said : “Stop by again, next time you come around.”


I hit the road and it was glorious. Curves, sun, no traffic, beautiful scenes one after another. I don’t know where the Idaho potatoes are but they are not around these parts…

At some point two sport bikes arrived behind me. I slowed down and waved them ahead. I didn’t feel like having to watch either my back or ahead of me.   I stopped to take more photos but still ended up with them at a road work stop. We chatted a bit, one is from Nelson BC, rides an Aprilia, the other from Oregon, rides a GSX R. Both bikes look like right out of the show room.


We finally got moving again into a convoy of cars, trucks and bikes, the road was rough, gravel holes, and that sort of things.  At one point I let them go.  I don’t like to line up and I had seen something worthy of photos so they moved on and when I was done with photos I had the road to myself which I enjoyed fully.

I hit the next town, and there they were,  the guys were there filling up and I needed to do that too.

“You want to have lunch with us?”


We rode into Chalice, stopped at a cafe where the smell of burn grease permeated the air.

“At least we know what we’re getting into!”


We had lunch, chatted, one is a vice director in a school, the other does IT stuff. They paid for my lunch which is getting wild as I’ve managed to get free food, or meal or coffee just about every day on this trip.


We took photos, I followed them for a while. The road got even more curvier and twistier it was incredible.  I’m not missing the roads of Ontario!   I kept looking at that Salmon River thinking that I should really get my toes in it… it was so hot. It would feel so good. So when I saw a nice pull out I waved goodbye and let them go on.

One BC rider

One Oregon rider


I stopped and went to the river.  Took my leathers off and went in the cold fresh pure water. It was cold, vivifying.  I was laughing.  Life is good.  Life is being so good to me…

the Salmon River

and a self portrait of one homeless rider!

I got back on the bike refreshed and rode on. The 75 turned to the 93 there was more fun to be had.


I stopped in Hailey for a good hour to cool down.  It’s been getting hotter and hotter, no more need for a heated vest.  I got back on the bike and rode until I hit the 20 West. I had promised myself I was going to stop in the first campground I would see, I did, but when I looked around it was a bit of a Blade Runner kind of vibe of poverty and dirt and weird vibes. I left immediately. I ended up riding for another good while, catching the sunset.


Then catching the smog from the forrest fires, which made me feel once again that I was on my way to Mordor…

first glimpse of the forest fire smoke, I thought it was just a wild cloud..

the same cloud some miles down the road..

a close up


then later, the smoke over the land on the 20

I felt like I was getting into Mordor with the evil forces watching me

I rode until I hit Mountain Home, Idaho.  I turned into the first hotel parking lot I saw, asked for a room, got one.  Went in there and I started to laugh like an idiot.  It was cool, clean, full of all I needed : shower, bed, nice towels. nice chair to sit on and get on the computer, outlets to charge all the gizmos and a quiet, clean, warm vibe.

Lets get some rest now.  Tomorrow, it’s Wild Horse Reservoir in Nevada…





4 Responses to “August 4th and 5th, smooth sailing.”

  1. Asbjorn Says:

    Loved the
    Divide 1
    Wisdom 52

    The world might be on the right track after all.

    I read that you were hanging out with the Director of Vice at a high school.

    That sort of dashed my hopes for humanity again 🙂

  2. !!!! hA! Ha! hA! yeah, well there is the ying and yang for you!

  3. Danielle Liard Says:

    You should share the church of the big hole photo with comment. Hilarious! 🙂

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