It’s freakin’ 6:40 AM

August 7, 2012

Yes, what the hell?

Well, last night I assumed once again that Nevada was normal.  I was in Elko and decided to ride a little further assuming I would find a decent room down the road.

First thing that took me by surprise was that at 8PM it was already dark.  We’re on Pacific time but hours away from the coast and I guess the days are shorter?  My thought is that since there are so many casinos, earlier darkness is approved by the business owners of the state.  Just a thought.

But the thing is, I thought I had 2 more hours of daylight to ride and I didn’t.  The good thing : I caught these :



First attempt : Battle Mountain.  Holy S#$@%

The place is ….  dismal.  I tried the super 8 : full.  Then went down a bit further and saw the “Owl Motel & Casino”…  I can’t describe..  zombies on casino terminals, cigarette smoke, workers in work clothes smoking and spending their hard earned money, the signs glow in the dark flashing and enticing ” come… come…” as if it was exciting.  I walked in, there was a restaurant, the two waitresses must have been 216 years old, faces thick with make up.  I’m looking for the desk…

“Oh, go to the back, see the cashier.”

“thank you very much.” I walk to the back, a young man with a girl who looks like a teenager who is growing up way too fast right now and then are ahead of me.  As I look around the scent of misery is all around.  “Addiction problem?” pamphlet and Western Union money drafts forms.  The cashier is inside a box with bars made of 2 x 2 steel.

She asked me : ” What do you want?”

“Do you have rooms?”

“No, we’re full.”

“Thank you very much.”

I walked out, couldn’t wait to walk out.  It feels wrong, sad, I couldn’t leave the bike out there without worrying.  I get on the bike and go further down the road, the American’s Best is there.  I get to the door : “No Vacancies.”  Someone opened the door and a stench of old carpet and cigarettes blew out.

I sat down and consulted my GPS.  Next town Winnemucca.  OK

I drive down there.  It’s like a cowboy town, there are tons of motels-hotels etc.  Idon’t want to be at a casino.  so I turned back there was a couple of places that looked not too bad.  I picked the “Frontier Motel”.

I get off the bike get inside.  It has a sort of rustic charm.

The guy comes.  He’s young, maybe 18.  about 100 lbs overweight.  Ruddy features.  Heart attack candidate.

“Do you have rooms available?”

“Yeah, You want to see it?  it’s 44 dollars.”

the price was right.

“Ok I’ll go look at it.”  I did.  But somehow, I was too hopeful.  I overlooked everything but the stench.

“Well it’s smelly but it’s OK.” I told the young man.  I Paid.  Parked.  Got a couple of things off the bike and went in.

Man that is really, really smelly…  I walked in the bathroom, the toilet had not been flushed… or cleaned in a while.  The face cloth, well it was like cheese cloth, actually you could not make cheese with it, the netting would have been too wide.  I’m starting to regret.  But I figure I’ll do the right thing and sleep.

I take a shower, at least there is tons of water pressure.  I come out and reluctantly dry myself with what passes as a towel.  This is when I started to look around.  There were yellow drippings on the walls.  Multiple layered huge smelly stains on the carpet, demonstrating eras of abuse.  The little table was stained with gray and all around it’s just filthy.

Then I pulled the cover off the bed.  I’m not sure those sheets have been changed…  there was a couple of little drawings on the bed sheet, 666 and little crosses and an arrow showing towards the middle of the bed.


“you gotta rest. You’ll start early tomorrow and it will be ok.”

I spent some time sorting out the pictures of the day, that made me smile.  But then it was time to sleep…  I got pricklier and pricklier.

“you must rest”  I tried meditating but the vibes of the place are so negative I didn’t want to go any deeper.  I finally went to bed. fell asleep at around midnight.  At 1:30 I woke up.  I am feeling awful.  It seems things are crawling all over me.  I got up.  Tried to reason but couldn’t.  So I hopped in the shower again, got dressed and hit the road at 2:30.

I rode stopping every 100km.  I stopped at the rest area before Reno and saw the first lights of purple and deep orange contour the mountains in the distance.

I kept on through Reno.  Another insane city of casinos and flashing lights.

Suddenly I need gas.  I’m so tired.  It’s 6 AM.  I have to turn around, I found a Shell station and the Starbucks just opened.  So here I am.  I’m going to go find a place to sleep in Carson.

Crazy Nevada.


2 Responses to “It’s freakin’ 6:40 AM”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Yikes! That sounds even worse than my worst hotel… in Pensacola Beach… at least the sheets were clean there! : ( Hang in there!

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